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Managing successful projects to exceed your expectations.

As projects involve many different stakeholders, Yokogawa understands that the project journey must be well-defined in order to keep up with a tight agenda. Our team members strive for frequent communication, good status reporting, and up to date project schedules. We help set and communicate expectations with our customers. Good project management evolves around several core stages: effective reviewing, clear judgement and decision making to minimize any grey areas, and motivation and goal setting to make sure every team member stays sharp and most importantly, maintain regular communication on the progress of the project.


Our Project Management Approach

Risk Reduction
All stakeholders involved in projects are looking for predictability in outcomes and results. With our proactive and documented Risk Management approach, we are able to reduce risks and implement necessary mitigation strategies.  

Management of Complexity
As the world we live in becomes increasingly faster, smaller, and more interconnected, projects have become more complex. Project complexity knows different areas like team composition, clarity of problem and technical solution, constraints, geographical spread etc. Our project management teams identify and analyze project complexity and manage these complexities accordingly.

Single point of contact
Within Yokogawa we adopt the Single Point of Contact model (SPOC). Our project managers act as the primary liaison by creating and managing a successful relationship between all people involved in the project: customers, suppliers, and team members (external and internal). All benefit from this by keeping communication simple and effective. 

Management of Change
By way of applying a long range of inhouse experiences and lessons learned, our Project Management teams find ways to manage the effects of change against scope, timelines, budget and quality. 


Quality Management

Being a Japanese company, Yokogawa is a world leader in high quality products and services built on the traditional Japanese philosophy of constant and consistent improvement. Our products and services are delivered with reference to several international standards on quality management and quality assurance. Our project delivery is based on a fundament by a Yokogawa Global Quality Management System (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, VCA). Our project organization uses a quality management system to determine the needs of each stakeholder, to transform these needs into internal requirements, and to provide the resources needed to meet all the necessities and to review the performances. 
Various industries are starting to recognize that project management is one of Yokogawa’s core business competencies that contributes to significant business benefits. Our experienced project managers are PMI certified and maintain this high level of skills and competences by frequent training. We strive to exceed customers’ expectations and to meet the strict requirements of (inter)national norms, standards and regulations. 



Basic and Detail Engineering
Being a state-of-the-art technology company, Yokogawa is well known for their engineering capabilities. With a strong and effective combination of in-house engineering resources, as well as Global Delivery Centers around the world, Yokogawa has a large pool of professional and experienced engineers for all our disciplines of engineering. With a quality driven mindset, our engineers follow well defined processes to offer our customer the best and most cost-effective portfolio of solutions. Within Yokogawa we create an environment where everyone contributes to continuous improvement with a customer centric attitude. Our engineers provide our customers the best solution for their industrial automation requirements. 


Embedded Engineering
Not only do we offer in-house engineering within the different Yokogawa locations around the world, we also provide embedded engineering at our project partner facilities or premises. Creating one engineering environment by way of an integrated engineering teams contributes to success by saving time, avoiding unnecessary work, and minimizing errors. Having well trained and experienced Yokogawa engineering on location brings short communication lines, accessibility and direct responsiveness to change. Yokogawa engineers are ready during different phases in the project, from Front End Engineering Design (FEED) to project delivery and life cycle support.



Operational and Commercial Procurement
Our dedicated project buyers work closely with our project teams and suppliers to achieve added value outcomes in procurement and supply. We follow our in house developed best practices in procurement activities and our staff are well trained and experienced to achieve competitive pricing for procured materials and services. It is inherent that we ensure that quantities and quality is delivered to the contractual agreements. 

Supply Chain Management
We liaise with our suppliers and other stakeholders by undertaking proactive actions to ensure successful and timely delivery of materials and services. This service involves specialists for import/export, warehousing and forwarding. - In a world with increasing complexity and global partnering, we provide the required knowledge and experience to initiate, manage and execute the movement and distribution of materials. In collaboration with carriers, forwarding companies, trucking companies, storages, agencies, and our other offices, we ensure a successful logistic process for all import and export activities.

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