Lifecycle Services

Maintenance capabilities backed by extensive experience gained from working closely with our customers allow us to optimize operations over the entire plant lifecycle


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With our support, customers can attain high levels of maintenance efficiency required for stable and efficient operation over the entire length of the plant lifecycle, while also striving to provide solutions that can respond to further improvements in operability.


  • Sustainable Maintenance

    The optimization of plant performance through the planned implementation of maintenance, security, monitoring, predictive/preventive maintenance, and system upgrade solutions that cover the entire plant lifecycle.

  • Safety and Security

    Comprehensive solutions that utilize the strategy of defense in depth and our safety & security lifecycle approach to minimize the safety and security risks for our customers' systems

  • Asset Performance Monitoring

    Monitoring, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance services that give an accurate understanding of the plant state and maintain and improve the performance of increasingly complex systems.

  • Upgrade and Migration

    Scheduled upgrades and a comprehensive migration plan are implemented to operate their plants more efficiently and profitably. Unscheduled plant shutdowns or decrease in performance can be avoided due to ageing equipment or End-of-Support software.

  • Training Services

    Yokogawa offers a wide range of training services covering everything from safety to plant process knowhow, instruments and system products.

  • Procesveiligheid

    Services die aansluiten bij het AS IEC 61511-model voor veiligheid tijdens de levenscyclus van systemen en die fabriekseigenaren in staat stellen aan de SEVESO III-richtlijn te voldoen.

  • Kalibratieservices

    Het vergelijken van uw instrumentatie voor de optimalisatie van uw proces en het voldoen aan traceerbaarheid volgends de vereiste standaards.


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