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Yokogawa Isolation Module allows users to ensure that all energies associated with the equipment to be worked on have been completely removed.
The module allows users to build up step-by-step Isolation Procedures for every type of work that is carried out. These procedures can then be templated for use with similar equipment and isolations can be stored away for future use. All actions within the procedure are competence driven and require correct signature at relevant points.

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  • Isolations must be linked to permitted work so that all forms of power are removed before work can start
  • Challenges faced for safe isolations on-site are:
    • Lack of visibility of information
    • Lack of communication before, during and after work is carried out
    • Lack of real time information on valve position
    • Inconsistent application of procedures
    • Work confirmation is often reliant on manual signatures only

Our Solution

  • The isolation management module within Yokogawa’s Digital Control of Work solution allows the user access to a comprehensive procedural control module to ensure safe isolations 
  • The system ensures that all energies associated with the equipment to be worked on are completely removed
  • It is fully LOTO (Lock out | Tag Out) compliant 
  • Once completed, an isolation record can also be printed as an isolation certificate for future record
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  • Specify all equipment associated with the isolation
  • Identify and control all energy sources
  • Attach drawings and schematics
  • Automatic printing of isolation labels
  • Link to work control permit to ensure correct status before work starts
  • View steps and status, and carry out and confirm isolations in the field ensuring safety

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