Level Meters

Yokogawa has more than 45 years' experience in the development, design, and manufacture of pressure sensors and pressure transmitters. The DPharp series of digital pressure transmitters use a differential pressure high accuracy resonance (DPharp) sensor that represents one of the most revolutionary advances in transmitter technology.

Differential Pressure Level Solutions brochure 


Technical Information (TI)

Capillary Fill Fluid Density Compensation for EJA & EJX Pressure Transmitters - TI06P01Y01-E-E (1)

Diaphragm Seal System - TI 07P01Y01-E-E (1)

Principle of using Two Pressure Transmitters to Calculate Differential Pressure - TI08P01Y01-E-E (1)

  • Level Transmitters

    The new DPharp EJX transmitters are the latest addition to the DPharp family's EJA series. DPharp EJX transmitters employ a next-generation multi-sensing technology that provides virtually the highest level of performance and precision in the market.


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