Yokogawa Releases FieldMate R2.06 Versatile Device Management Wizard

Tokyo, Japan - April 5, 2013

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will release the FieldMate™ R2.06 Versatile Device Management Wizard in mid-May. FieldMate is a versatile software program for configuring, adjusting, and managing a wide variety of field devices used in factories and other production sites. This latest version of the FieldMate software will be exhibited at the HANNOVER MESSE 2013 trade show, which will be held April 8 to 12 in Germany.

This upgraded version of the FieldMate software supports FDT2.0, the latest version of the FDT*1 interface, and features a new alarm setting function with a user-friendly graphic interface that conforms to the NE107 standard*2. With this new version, Yokogawa will increase its share of the maintenance market.

FieldMate™ R2.06


Development Background

Digital communications standards are playing an increasingly important role in communications between plant central control systems and field sensors. Unlike conventional field communications, where only measured values are sent from sensors to central control systems, digital communication technologies are also capable of transferring sensor settings and maintenance information to central control systems. They also allow a central control room or other control facility to be sited at a different location, from which operators can remotely monitor and adjust sensors.

As plants often have sensors from multiple vendors that rely on more than one communications standard, versatile software tools are required for device configuration, adjustment, and management. FieldMate, a PC-based software package that supports all major industry-standard communications protocols, is ideal for such requirements. FieldMate supports the FDT/DTM*3 open software execution framework and can be used to configure and adjust any vendor's network-capable field devices, regardless of which communications protocol is used.

The FieldMate R2.06 upgrade adds support of FDT2.0, the latest version of FDT. This new FieldMate version also has an alarm setting function that conforms to the NE107 standard, simplifying the task of setting complex alarms.

Product Features

  1. FDT2.0 support
    FieldMate R2.06 supports the latest version of the FDT interface, FDT2.0, which was released in 2012. Backward compatible with FDT1.2, FDT2.0 offers several merits. This standard improves device response time and performance. Common function components are available that make the development of FDT2.0-compatible software more efficient. With FieldMate R2.06, the FDT frame application software for configuring/adjusting device settings and the DTM device drivers have been modified to support FDT2.0. An industry first, these FDT2.0 compliant DTM drivers are for two important Yokogawa product series, the DPharp EJA-E and DPharp EJX differential pressure and pressure transmitters. Yokogawa plans to develop FDT2.0 compliant DTMs for other Yokogawa products.
  2. Easy-to-use alarm setting function
    Sensors generate large amounts of alarm data that must be categorized, organized, and promptly sent on to operators and maintenance staff so that they can quickly respond to any abnormal condition occurring in a plant. Conventionally, various settings must be made for each type of alarm, which can be a very complex and difficult process. The new alarm setting function that comes with FieldMate R2.06 automatically organizes the alarm data in accordance with the NE107 standard, simplifying the task of making these settings. A user friendly graphical interface further facilitates this process.

Major Target Markets

Facility maintenance operations in process industries such as oil, petrochemicals, chemicals, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, and iron and steel.


Configuration, adjustment, inspection, and information management for sensors in plants and other production facilities

*1 Field Device Tool (FDT) is a standard communications interface that links control systems with field devices such as pressure transmitters and flowmeters. It was developed and is promoted by the FDT Group, a non-profit organization.

*2 NE107 is a device diagnostics specification that was defined by NAMUR, a German-based process automation user group.

*3 Device Type Manager (DTM) is an FDT-based device driver that is provided by device and control system vendors.


FieldMate is a PC-based device configuration tool with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is used to perform initial setup, routine maintenance, and device replacement. It supports all major industry-standard communication protocols such as FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, BRAIN, HART®, and PROFIBUS® as well as the FDT/DTM open software execution framework. In addition, support for the ISA100.11a field wireless communications standard enables the configuration and adjustment of any vendor's network-capable field devices, regardless of which communications protocol is used.


About Yokogawa

Yokogawa's global network of 90 companies spans 55 countries. Founded in 1915, the US$4 billion company conducts cutting-edge research and innovation. Yokogawa is engaged in the industrial automation and control (IA), test and measurement, and other businesses segments. The IA segment plays a vital role in a wide range of industries including oil, chemicals, natural gas, power, iron and steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and food. For more information about Yokogawa, please visit the websitewww.yokogawa.com

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