Magnetic Flowmeters

History of YOKOGAWA's Magnetic Flowmeters

YOKOGAWA's magnetic flowmeter is supported by a long history of more than half a century. We added innovative specifications in each era, and have always lead the industry. The consistent policy of YOKOGAWA's magnetic flowmeter is to have high performance and high quality.

The world's first dual frequency excitation method adopted in the ADMAG AM series announced in 1988 pushed the stability measurement of the magnetic flowmeter to a higher standard. Capacitance type magnetic flowmeter ADMAG CA series has made it possible to measure low conductivity fluid and insulating adhesive fluid. ADMAG AXR series realized overwhelming high performance with limited power supply voltage of two-wires.

And now, it is the birth of ADMAG TI series to adopt the "Total Insight" concept and totally support the product life cycle.

New Series ADMAG Total Insight(ADMAG TI) All Product

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Product Introduction

  • ADMAG Total Insight can measure flow with high accuracy.
    • The standard specification achieves an accuracy of ± 0.3% (reading value).
    • Supporting problem solution with abundant diagnostic functions.
    • It is a successor to ADMAG AXF and can be replaced.
      *For some specifications, we have discontinued sales.

  • ADMAG CA can measure the flow rate of low conductivity, high concentration slurry fluid.
    • The flow rate can be measured from conductivity 0.01 μS/cm.
    • The non-wetted electrode type ensures stable flow measurement even if deposits form on the measurement tube.
    • There is no electrical noise since the slurry does not collide with the electrode.

  • ADMAG AXR helps reduce wiring costs and power consumption.
    • The two-wire system eliminates the need for power supply wiring. Supply drive power through signal wiring.
    • Low power consumption that is difficult with 4-wire system is realized.
    • Low noise performance is realized.


Low Conductivity B A B B
Corrosive A A A A
Slurry A A B A
Adhesion B A B B

A: Usable, B: Usable period may be short


Above 1 μS/cm Above 0.01 μS/cm Above 10 μS/cm Above 1 μS/cm
Electrode Type Wetted type Capacity type Wetted type
(Reading Value)
± 0.3 %
± 0.35 %
± 0.5 %
2.5 to 500 mm
25 to 1,800 mm
15 to 200 mm 25 to 200 mm 2.5 to 400 mm
Wiring 4-wires 2-wires 4-wires
HART 7, BRAIN, Modbus,
Application Diagnostic
- Flow Noise Diagnosis
- Low Conductivity Diagnosis
- Electrode Insulation Deterioration Diagnosis
- Electrode Adhesion Detection
- Sensor Empty Check
- Wiring Connection Diagnosis

Verification Function
- Built-in/Standard/
- Enhanced Verification
None Application Diagnostic
- Electrode Adhesion Detection
- Sensor Empty Check




  • The ADMAG AXR is the world's first two-wire magnetic flow meter which employs the fluid noise free "Dual Frequency Excitation Method," achieving excellent stability for instrumentation.

  • The ADMAG CA magnetic flow meter adopts a system to pick up the electromotive force generated in a fluid by electrodes provided outside a ceramic pipe through the capacitance of the pipe. In addition, the flowmeter employs a prominent high-frequency excitation method that reduces flow noise in low conductivity fluid.

  • Some specifications of this product was discontinued.

    The AXF magnetic flow meter is a sophisticated product with outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed on the basis of decades of field experience. Based on FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus specifications, AXF Fieldbus Magnetic Flow meter models offer more flexible instrumentation.

  • The AXFA11 magnetic converter has been developed based on Yokogawa's decades long experience in magnetic flowmeters. The AXFA11 continues the tradition of high quality and reliability that has become synonymous with the Yokogawa name and in addition features an even higher level of performance and increased functionality.

  • Some specifications of this product was discontinued.

    The AXFA14 magnetic flow meter remote converter is a sophisticated product with outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed on the basis of decades of field proven experience.

  • The RXF magnetic flowmeter series are sophisticated products with outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed on the basis of decades of field-proven experience.
    FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol type is also available.

  • The RXFA11 magnetic flowmeter high grade remote converter is a sophisticated product with outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed on the basis of decades of field-proven experience.

  • The RXFA14 magnetic flowmeter converter is a sophisticated product with outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed on the basis of decades of fieldproven experience.

  • To bring the customer a real-time monitoring and management capability, Yokogawa installed STARDOM (FCJ), flow meters, and transmitters at key points throughout the distribution network.
  • The STARDOM FCJ controllers achieved an accurate water loss management system while keeping the running costs to a minimum.

Water Supply Treatment
FAST/TOOLS, STARDOM, Flowmeters, Liquid Analyzers

  • Bali's water treatment plant decided to employ the latest reliable control system in order to increase availability and quality of operation.
  • Centralized control system using FAST/TOOLS provides the sophisticated and flexible operation.
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With the high temperatures, pressures, and levels of dissolved organics that are encountered, the ADMAG AXF flow meter design is ideal for use in all phases of the chemical recovery process.

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The ADMAG AXR is the world's first 2-wire magnetic flow meter which employs the unique "Dual Frequency Excitation Method," achieving 0.5% of rate of best-in-class accuracy and excellent stability for process measurement. In addition, the newly developed AXR key technologies," achieves the same level of noise immunity as 4-wire type under the fluid condition change and delivers enough performance to meet the requirement to apply in the control loop.

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Yokogawa's ceramic liner can offer the customer superior resistance to thermal shock and the failure that can occur due to liner cracking. This is due to Yokogawa's use of 99.9% pure Al2O3 for the liner.


This paper introduces the ADMAG AXR 2-wire magnetic flomwmeter solution for dust collection water application of steel converter.


The slurry measurement is one of the most challenging application for magmeter. In this paper, Yokogawa's solution and expected benefit in aluminum slurry applications will be introduced. ADMAG magnetic flow meter series delivers fit-for-purpose solutions for the difficult applications in mining industry.


The pulp and paper industry has very aggressive and challenging applications for magmeters. There are corrosive Zone chemicals, high temperatures and pressures, and abrasive slurries. Yokogawa can provide the most reliable and accurate meters for each application.

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Recently, air pollution legislations such as the Clean Air Act to reduce the amount of air pollution are increasing worldwide. The Clean Air Act address numerous air quality problems. One of these problems is acid rain caused by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from fossil-fueled power plants and other industrial and transportation sources.


The new digester magmeter enabled accurate and stable flow measurement of the black liquor circulation line, helping the user to stabilize the cooking degree that determines the quality of the chip digesting process.


The control of the world's water resource is arguably one of the most important issues. Water demand from industry and domestic users is set to rise throughout the industrialized world. Yokogawa has been applying minimized maintenance measurement systems.


Yokogawa's unique simultaneous dual-frequency excitation method and optional enhanced dual frequency excitation method can offer benefits in this application which can result in tighter control, faster response, more end product per batch, greater profit and a direct cost savings to the customer.


Continuous technology improvement is ongoing in the pulp & paper industry to obtain the best possible performance. The improved plant performance translates to the higher quality improvement and lower cost, and simultaneously environmental friendly plant operation.


The use of recycled oil as an energy source presents a significant processing problem. ADMAG CA has been shown to provide reliable and stable flow measurement of recycled oil containing water.

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

More than half a century has passed since Yokogawa developed Japan's first magnetic flow meter for industrial use in 1955, and today, Yokogawa's magnetic flow meters are widely used in a variety of applications thanks to features such as low pressure loss and maintenance-free operation due to no obstacles and moving parts in the fluid flowing pipeline.

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

After having undergone several improvements, magnetic flow meters have become highly accurate and reliable and are widely used in the industrial instrument field today. Magnetic flow meters consist of a detector and a converter, with the principle of the detector adopting Faraday's electromagnetic induction law.

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

In 1988, Yokogawa launched the ADMAG series of magnetic flow meters with increased resistance to fluid noise and zero stability, employing dual frequency excitation which was developed based on its long-cultivated technology for flow measurement. Since then, the ADMAG family has augmented its application range with such models as explosion-proof and integral types, and a capacitance type.


Control Engineering Asia, March 2012

Enabling the operational benefits of two-wire magnetic flow meters while maintaining the performance levels associated with traditional four-wire devices.

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