Supporting to Develop Next-Generation Talent

Yokogawa Science workshops addressing the fundamental technologies that are the basis for Yokogawa's business-optics, electrics, radio, etc.

As members of their community, our employees are engaged in various programs designed to support school education as well as to help children with disabilities and students to be selfsupporting and participate in society.

Yokogawa Science Workshops

As a company engaging in business on the strength of its technology in the areas of measurement, control, and information, Yokogawa holds the Yokogawa Science Workshops to support science education for elementary school students.

Yokogawa launched the Yokogawa Science Workshops in 2006. We now conduct the workshops several times a year, primarily in Tokyo.

The themes of the workshop are related to light, electricity, radio waves, and other topics related to the basic technologies that support Yokogawa. Employee volunteers act as instructors and provide personal instruction during hands-on construction projects. After the employee volunteers have explained the mechanisms of light or electricity according to the theme, the participating children begin the construction tasks, including soldering. Afterward, the employees provide an introduction to technology jobs. Drawing on the children's interest in technology, they teach the children the importance of thinking and making improvements. This interaction with children leads to the growth of the employees as well.

Through such activities, Yokogawa deepens its interactions with communities and contributes to the development of human resources that have an interest in science and technology. Our wish is to nurture these people who will support the earth in the future.

Date Venue Program Content
July 9, 2016 Musashino City, Tokyo Capturing Radio Waves Construct a germanium radio that requires no batteries and listen to radio broadcasts
August 24, 2016 Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Forming a Temperature Investigation Team Constructing a radiation thermometer and measure temperatures without contact
Febrary 4, 2016 Musashino City, Tokyo Same as above Same as above
March 18, 2017 Sendai city, Miyagi Same as above Same as above

Yokogawa Science Workshop

Yokogawa Science Workshop

Yokogawa Science Workshop

Participation in Musashino Science Festa

Observing child's own voice on the oscilloscope
Observing child's own voice on the oscilloscope

Each year Yokogawa participates in the "Musashino Science Festa," an annual event held by the city of Musashino. It's a comprehensive event for scientific experimentation in which elementary and junior high school teachers, businesses, volunteer organizations, etc., in the city set up booths to exhibit their experimentation. There were approximately 1,700 visitors to the event this time.

The theme of Yokogawa's booth was "Discovering the Secrets of Voice." Visitors to our booth observed what their voices looked like, using a hand-made microphone amplifier and oscilloscope. A Booth for making string telephones using paper cups and strings was set up for young children. They learned that their voice can be transmitted via string. The children seemed really interested as they watched the waveform change according to the loudness of their voices and the frequency, or pitch, of the sound. Yokogawa staff, who participated in the event as volunteer staff, enjoyed themselves as they instructed the visitors how to observe their voices using the oscilloscope.

Support for Events at a nursery and Elementary School

Concerts at a Nursery and Elementary School

Upon request from a nursery and elementary school, the "Ensemble Yokogawa" orchestra club held concerts for the children and students.

Concert at the Tokyo Metropolitan Akiruno Gakuen

Date Venue Subject
October 7, 2016 Tokyo Metropolitan Akiruno Gakuen School, Akiruno city Tokyo Children with physical and/or learning disabilities in Tokyo Metropolitan Akiruno Gakuen School
February 18, 2017 Poppins nursery school Musashino, Musashino Tokyo Children and their families

Interacting with Children through Basketball

On October 5, 2016, Yokogawa's basketball team had a basketball event with the elementary school children from the Kyuden Shooting Stars, a children's basketball team in Setagaya, Tokyo. The two basketball teams have been jointly doing volunteer activities at a nursery home for the elderly in Musashino, Tokyo.

Interacting with Children through Basketball

Support for Classes, Events and Recreational Activities at Special Schools

As a member of the "Tokyo Metropolitan Council for Community Education Promotion Network," Yokogawa supports classes provided at special schools and is contracted under the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "After School Children's Class" program to support recreational activities at special schools, including the "Akiruno Club," which is organized mainly by the PTA of the Tokyo Metropolitan Akiruno Gakuen Special School. The Yokogawa employees work as volunteers and interact with children with disabilities, increasing their awareness as "good citizens."

Date Organization to support Program Participant
June 18, 2016 Akiruno Club Let's Play with a Foreign Language! Volunteer employee
Total of four days in July and August 2016 Tokyo Metropolitan Nanao Special School Support for the "Opening of school's swimming pool to the Public" Swimming club members
August 27, 2016 Akiruno Club Tea Ceremony Workshop Tea ceremony club members
Let's play with musical instruments! Orchestra club members
Official game in 2016 season Tokyo Metropolitan Special Schools Invitation to the official games of Japan Football League Tokyo Musashino-city Football Club
October 15, 2016 Akiruno Club Hiking in Tama Animal Park Mountaineering club members and  Musashino-city rugby football association
December 17, 2016 Akiruno Club Kick target & speed gun Tokyo Musashino-city Football Club
January 21, 2017 Akiruno Club Let’s Play with a Soccer Ball! Tokyo Musashino-city Football Club
Let's Decorate with Flowers! Flower arrangement club members

Foreign language workshop
Foreign language workshop

Flower arranging workshop
Flower arranging workshop

Tea ceremony workshop
Tea ceremony workshop

Swimming lessons
Swimming lessons

Zoo hiking
Zoo hiking

Playing musical instruments
Playing musical instruments

Kick target game
Kick target game

Soccer ball game
Soccer ball game

"Akiruno Club"

The "Akiruno Club" is an organization that plans and organizes community and recreational activities designed to help children with disabilities live rich, fulfilling lives and to promote their lifelong learning, and thereby supports such children and their families. The club and its activities were launched in June 2004, primarily by the parents and families of students of Tokyo Metropolitan Akiruno Gakuen School.

The Akiruno Club has, since 2004, been contracted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to sponsor a variety of projects, which are implemented with focus on "providing many programs to choose from," offering programs not just to the current Akiruno students but also to other.

Collaborative Efforts with External Organizations

Yokogawa is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities as a global company by finding solutions to various social issues.

Collaborating with the Community on Disaster Preparedness

Yokogawa and Musashino City, where Yokogawa's head office is located, signed a memorandum in 1996 on cooperation in the event of a major disaster, spelling out the terms under which Yokogawa would cooperate with Musashino City to ensure the safety of citizens. Therefore, in the event of a disaster, Yokogawa will open some areas of its premises to provide water and supplies, among others. In January 2014, Yokogawa Solution Service also signed an agreement with Musashino City on cooperation in the event of a disaster.

In 2006, Yokogawa also signed an agreement with the Musashino Fire Department on support operations in the event of an earthquake. Should an earthquake hit, Yokogawa will cooperate with the Musashino Fire Department to the greatest possible extent in order to help extinguish the fire and rescue the injured. We are also conducting disaster drills with the department on a regular basis.

Groundwater Pumping Facility in the Musashino Headquarters Was Accredited As an Emergency Drinking Water Supply Facility for Citizens

On November 16, 2016, a disaster drill was carried out at the Yokogawa headquarters, where we pumped groundwater and purified it to supply as drinking water for emergency. The Disaster Prevention and Public Safety Department of Musashino City was at the site and accredited our groundwater pumping facility as an emergency drinking water supply facility for citizens. This drill was carried out in cooperation with Musashino City that tries to improve emergency water supply systems within the city as a measure to minimize damage from disasters such as earthquakes that directly hits Tokyo area. Our company plays an important role as Nakamachi district is the only district in Musashino City with no water reservoirs. Yokogawa Electric will appear on the disaster prevention map published by Musashino City as an emergency water supply facility.

Participating in Local Cleanup Drives near Factories

To practice our corporate philosophy of "good corporate citizen," our group companies are regularly participating in the cleanup drives organized by local municipalities and are making voluntary efforts to clean up the areas around their factories. At Yokogawa, we are contributing to the beautification and environmental conservation of the regions in which we operate while fostering deeper friendships and understanding of the communities we serve.

  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation
    Twice per year, the city of Musashino conducts cleanup activities around major train stations in the municipality. Each time, a total of about 50 Yokogawa employees and family members take part in the work.
  • Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation
    This company takes part in cleanup activities throughout the country in areas around its worksites. In fiscal 2016, a total of 106 employees participated in 8 bases.
  • Yokogawa Manufacturing Corporation
    This company took part in cleanup activities around its work places in Japan and around nearby train stations.

Promoting the employment of the people with disabilities

Yokogawa, in addition to promoting the employment of the people with disabilities by its group companies, collaborates with NPO Japan SELP Center to engage in the following activities to provide more work opportunities in local communities.

Purchasing Waste Cloths from an Employment Support Service Hiring the People with Disabilities

Yokogawa Manufacturing's Kofu Factory has, since April 2010, purchased 150kg of waste cloths (used to wipe off oil, impurities and other dirt from factory machines) every month from an employment support service that hires disabled persons.

The waste cloths thus purchased consist of material recycled from old clothes and fabrics, which means that their production does not require any resource or energy and does not produce CO2 emissions.

By purchasing reused waste cloths from this service provider, we help people with disabilities to obtain work. Thus, our purchases contribute to the conservation of the global environment.

Outsourcing the Production of Envelopes

Beginning with the 2010 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, we have outsourced the production of envelopes for meeting notices and other share-related documents to a sheltered workshop that hires disabled persons.

From the 2012 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, we initiated the distribution of cookies produced by the "A Box of Cookies Makes You Fall in Love with Miyagi" Project--a group formed by ten factories employing disabled persons in Miyagi Prefecture, which was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake--to the attending shareholders as take-home gifts.

Installing Welfare Vending Machines

Welfare vending machine
Welfare vending machine

Yokogawa, in September 2008, installed one SELP (Support of Employment, Living and Participation) on the premises of its Musashino City Facility in Tokyo. When one purchases a drink from one of these vending machines, a portion of the money goes to NPO Japan SELP Center to help persons with disabilities obtain employment.

Regular vending machines and SELP vending machine are positioned side by side on the premises of the head-office factory. Receipts from the SELP vending machine have increased by approximately 30% compared to the regular vending machines that previously operated in the same place. This is proof that many employees act consciously to contribute to society.

SELP vending machines are currently located in Musashino-shi and Akiruno-shi, Tokyo and Kofu-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture. Cumulatively, the donation from the SELP vending machines between 2008 and 2016 amounts to 2,381,541 yen.

Providing Educational Support for Developing Countries through the Recycling of Used Books and CDs

Children learned at elementary school built with donation (Afghanistan)
Children learned at elementary school built with donation (Afghanistan)

In November 2009, we joined "Book Magic", a social program designed to utilize books, CDs and DVDs collecting dust for the educational support projects in Afghanistan, Sudan, etc. From the collection boxes installed at 50 locations within the factories in Musashino City, Tokyo and Kofu City, Yamanashi, we have collected 16,213 items and donated 315,436 yen as of March 2017.

Sending School Bags across the Sea

Yokogawa has, since 2008, contributed to the "Sending School Bags across the Sea" campaign sponsored by Kuraray Co., Ltd. In fiscal 2016, too, we collected unneeded stationery and used school bags packed with the memories of the donating employees, and sent these overseas to support children's education in Afghanistan and Mongolia where literacy rates are notably low. The number of school bags donated by employees over the past 9 years has reached 526.

Picture provider: International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP)

Blood Donation

Blood donation at Yokogawa Clinical Center
Blood donation
at Yokogawa Clinical Center

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has held blood donation campaigns in its premises to cooperate with Japanese Red Cross Tokyo Metropolitan Blood Center. Since 1966, total of 40,000 volunteer employees have participated in the campaigns actively.

Efforts towards Maternal and Child Health Improvement in Indonesia

Midwifery education (Indonesia)
Midwifery education (Indonesia)

From 2008 to 2015, Yokogawa supported activities for maternal and child health improvement in Serang, Indonesia through People’s Hope Japan, an authorized NPO. Through these activities, a local health center was established in 2009 which enabled safe child birth with full-time midwives at work. Deep wells were installed to provide safe water in areas without water supply system. In these areas, birth assistance rates of midwives, birth rates in health facilities, birth rates at home, and malnutrition rates of young children have significantly improved. The management authority of maternity centers, health centers, nutrition centers/clinics that had been established in the areas through Yokogawa’s support has now been transferred to the local government.