Vortex Flowmeters

History of YOKOGAWA's Vortex Flowmeter

Yokogawa launched the world's first vortex flowmeter in 1968.
The long-term stability and high accuracy that are the characteristics of Yokogawa Vortex flowmeters continue to contribute to improving customer productivity.

YOKOGAWA  Vortex Flowmeters History


VY Series Product Introduction

VY Series is Yokogawa's line of vortex flowmeters with digital technology and a unique structure inherited from YEWFLO series.
Digital technology provides overall diagnostics and condition based maintenance. In addition, the unique structure provides robustness and stable measurement.
VY Series offers a wide product range with variety of standards to meet diversifying customer requirements.

  VY Series
General Type Built-in Temperature
Sensor Type
High Temperature
/ Cryogenic Type
Reduced Bore Type
( 1 / 2 size reduction)
High Pressure Type Dual-Sensor Type
Vortex Flowmeters General Type Vortex Flowmeters Built-in Temperature sensor Vortex Flowmeters High Temperature / Cryogenic Type Vortex Flowmeters Reduced Bore Type Vortex Flowmeters High Pressure Type Vortex Flowmeters High Pressure Type
Measurable Fluid Liquid, Gas, Saturated Steam, Superheated Steam (Avoid multiphase flow and sticky or corrosive fluids)
Applicable Fluid Temperature Range -196 to 450 °C depends on the shedder bar type and material
Connection Size Wafer 15 to 100 mm
Flange General Type : 15 to 400 mm
Reduced Bore Type ( 1 size reduction) : 25 to 200 mm
Reduced Bore Type ( 2 size reduction) : 40 to 200 mm
High Pressure Reduced Bore Type ( 1 size reduction) : 25 to 150 mm
Dual-Sensor Type : 15 to 200 mm
Accuracy liquid ± 0.75 % of reading
Gas and Steam ± 1 % of reading


digitalYEWFLO Series Product Introduction

digitalYEWFLO is Yokogawa's line of vortex flowmeters with excellent reliability and performance. The stability of digitalYEWFLO's field-proven sensors when combined with its unique signal processing technology results in excellent real-world performance. digitalYEWFLO offers a wide product range to meet all customer requirements.

  digitalYEWFLO Series
Standard Type Reduced Bore Type Multi-Variable Type High Process Temperature
/ Cryogenic
digitalYEWFLO Vortex flowmeter Standard type digitalYEWFLO Vortex flowmeter Reducer type digitalYEWFLO Vortex flowmeter Multi-Variable digitalYEWFLO Vortex flowmeter High / Low Temperatures
Main Application Destination Flow measurement of liquid, gas and steam Line with large flow rate fluctuation by season Mass flow measurement of saturated steam Flow measurement of high temperature oil and LNG
Applicable Fluid Temperature Range -29 to 250 °C -29 to 250 °C -29 to 250 °C -29 to 450 °C (High Process Temperature Version)
-196 to 100 °C (Cryogenic Version)
Diameter Wafer 15 to 100 mm None 25 to 100 mm 15 to 100 mm
Flange 15 to 400 mm 25 to 200 mm (Detector size : 15 to 150 mm)
40 ~ 200 mm (Detector size : 15 to 100 mm)
25 to 200 mm (Custom specification : 250 to 400 mm) 15 to 400 mm
Accuracy liquid ± 0.75 % of reading ± 1.0 % of reading ± 0.75 % of reading
Gas and Steam ± 1.0 % of reading


Product Line

  • Vortex Flowmeters VY series

    Vortex Flowmeters VY Series is the latest model of Yokogawa vortex flowmeter and is the successor to the digitalYEWFLO Series.
    VY Series consists of the latest digital technology and Yokogawa's unique structure inherited from YEWFLO Series.

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  • digitalYEWFLO Vortex Flowmeter

    Yokogawa's vortex flowmeters are long-lasting and robust, offering field-proven sensor technology and high reliability to deliver improvements in plant efficiency and reduce OPEX.

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  • FSA120

    FlowNavigator (FSA120) is a unique software tool that helps you get the most out of the EJX910A / EJX930A Multivariable Transmitter by supporting the configuration of the discharge coefficient, primary device bore, upstream internal pipe diameter, gas expansion factor, density, and viscosity data needed to perform full compensation and dynamic calculation of the mass flow.

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  • FSA130 Magnetic Flowmeter / Vortex Flowmeter Verification Tool

    Magnetic Flowmeter / Vortex Flowmeter Verification Tool provides the diagnosis, reporting and data management for the health check of ADMAG TI (Total Insight) Series AXG or AXW and CA Series with HART protocol and Vortex Flowmeter VY series with HART protocol.
    FieldMate should be prepared by customers. FSA130 is the license key to activate the Verification Tool.

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  • Fieldbus technology introduced to realize predictive and preventive maintenance.
  • ISAE to improve the reliability of diagnosis and parameter setting, utilizing data collected by PRM.
  • Yokogawa's integrated solution contributed to reliable and efficient operation.
  • All the instrument information is fully integrated with the instrument management system.
Yokogawa Technical Report

Progress in digital signal processing and network technologies has enabled advanced functions which cannot be achieved by traditional field devices with 4-20 mA signal, to be implemented on field devices. Standardization of international fieldbus specifications, notably the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, has enabled users to build optimum field networks comprised of freely chosen field devices from various device vendors.


Vortex flow meters utilize a fluid phenomenon in which frequencies of Karman vortex streets released from a shedder bar inserted in a flow are proportional to flow velocities.

Yokogawa Technical Report

Vortex flow meters have been appreciated by users as volume flow meters, which can, in principle, be applied to any flow measurement of liquid, gas, or steam. Volume flow measurement is enough for substances with small variations in density such as liquid. 

Yokogawa Technical Report

The operating principle of the vortex flow meters YEWFLO series, which first became commercially available in 1979, is based on the phenomenon in which the frequency of a Kàrmàn vortex train that occurs from a vortex shedder placed in a fluid flow, is proportional to the speed of that flow.



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