2019 Co-innovation Forums

Dates: Aug 13 - Oct 24, 2019
Location: Australia

2019-Co-innovation Forums Australia

Adelaide Aug 13 | Perth Aug 15 | Sydney Oct 15 | Melbourne Oct  22 | Brisbane Oct 24



Digital transformation in the process and manufacturing industries has cast a broad spotlight on the wealth of process data available. The challenge is what should you do with this data and can it be used to add value to the operational performance and maintenance of your plant? Also, what are some of the current and future threats to your operations and how can you mitigate them?


Join us at the 2019 Co-innovation Forums where we debate how you can turn the wealth of information available at your finger-tips into actionable outcomes. Engage with the customer panel, leading authorities from Dell and the Future Crime Agency, plus Yokogawa international and local experts who will collectively debate the technological challenges facing industries in Australia.