Business Segments

Industrial Automation and Control Business

Yokogawa was the world's first company to develop a distributed process control system for the monitoring and control of various types of plant facilities, and has established a global reputation as a leading company in the control field. Yokogawa offers optimum solutions that can help its customers improve productivity, maximize asset utilization, and ensure safety over the entire plant lifecycle. Through its activities, the company creates value with customers and contributes to the development of a wide range of industries including oil, gas, chemicals, power, iron and steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and foods.

By utilizing the technologies that it has developed over the years, the technical expertise that it has gained through the provision of highly reliable solutions, and the businesses, technologies, and solutions that it has obtained through mergers, acquisitions, and alliances, and by combining this with the solutions that it is offering based on its Synaptic Business Automation concept, Yokogawa is able to help its customers visualize issues and support all of their business activities, including those related to value chain processes and supply chains. In so doing, Yokogawa is helping to build a sustainable society.

Test and Measurement Business

Yokogawa has been involved in the measurement field since its founding and has contributed to many industries through its supply of test and measurement equipment. Yokogawa provides reliable measuring instruments for the development and production of electrical, electronic, and automotive equipment, as well as for the environmental measurement, communications, and plant maintenance markets. Yokogawa is also engaged in businesses involving products such as confocal scanner units for the real-time observation of life processes at the molecular level and drug discovery support systems for the automatic testing of candidate compounds, and anticipates that these businesses will become market leaders.

Aviation and Other Businesses

Yokogawa is also steadily developing its aircraft instruments, marine navigation systems, and environmental products. Yokogawa's flat panel displays feature high visibility and superb environmental resistance, and are widely used in the cockpits of the latest Airbus airliners and other aircraft. Yokogawa supplies a full lineup of navigation systems such as gyrocompasses and autopilots for vessels of all kinds, from large passenger ships to freighters. Yokogawa's environmental business supplies rain gauges, hydrostatic level gauges, and other types of hydrological and meteorological equipment that aids in forecasting extreme weather events.