Application for High Withstand Voltage

Cell Voltage Measurement for Fuel Cells, Secondary Batteries and Electrolyzers

The SMARTDAC+ GM is best suited for applications where the voltage of each cell in fuel cells, secondary batteries and electrolyzers is measured. The high withstand voltage performance of the GM makes it possible to safely measure the voltage of each cell.

ell Voltage Measurement for Fuel Cells, Secondary Batteries and Electrolyzers

  • GM10 can support the measurement of up to 420 analog input channels by using the GX90EX expansion module. Also the GM10-2 large capacity memory model can support the recording of up to 1,000 channels including MATH channels and Communication channels.
  • The universal input module can simultaneously measure not only voltages but also temperatures and contact signals.
  • An output module is available as well. This module can be used to output pattern data in durability tests or simply automate test equipment.


  • Energie

    In the mid 1970s, Yokogawa entered the power business with the release of the EBS Electric Control System. Since then, Yokogawa has steadfastly continued with the development of our technologies and capabilities for providing the best services and solutions to our customers worldwide.

    Yokogawa has operated the global power solutions network to play a more active role in the dynamic global power market. This has allowed closer teamwork within Yokogawa, bringing together our global resources and industry know-how. Yokogawa's power industry experts work together to bring each customer the solution that best suits their sophisticated requirements.

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  • Thermique

    Thermal power using coal, oil or gas as fuel accounts for the majority of electric generation throughout the world.

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Les produits et solutions liés

  • Modular GM10

    SMARTDAC+TM GM10 data logger has a modular architecture that can acquire necessary data. By supporting not only I/O but also many communication protocols such as 920MHz wireless, Modbus and so on. Monitor and setting changes are available through Bluetooth. Supporting FDA 21 CFR Part11 and AMS2750E/NADCAP.

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