Plant Security

Industrial Cyber Security Overview

Cyber security has become a significant factor in the overall risk management for industrial installations, process plants and critical national infrastructure. With the advent of new technologies such as IIoT, mobile working, the increased interconnectedness and legislation for cyber security; industrial cyber security vulnerabilities pose a real risk for safety and business continuity.

Robust cyber security involves implementing controls based on three pillars: people, processes and technology. This integrated approach helps organisations defend themselves from both organised industrial cyber-attacks and common internal threats, such as accidental breaches and human error.

Yokogawa provides a field-proven Plant Security Program to help you assess your existing cyber security baseline, identify gaps against your objectives, and build a resilient cyber security organisation in a continuously changing environment.



Rousselot Ghent won Belgium Factory of the Future Award. Yokogawa has supported Rousselot with automation systems since 1993.

Data of 20,000 tags gathered by Exaquantum helped to find the ideal production parameters.


A virtual network system that securely connects OT-IT built on existing network resources.
Yokogawa experts monitor the network remotely like customer's information system department.


At the 2015 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida in February, Yokogawa announced a collaboration with Cisco to deliver Shell’s SecurePlant initiative, a comprehensive security management solution for plant control systems jointly developed by Cisco, Yokogawa, and Shell. This report explains how Cisco Systems and Yokogawa worked with Shell to co-develop the company’s “SecurePlant” cybersecurity solution for its control systems.


Network and system security is now a necessity in process automation industry. YOKOGAWA provides a service lifecycle solution for cyber security to ensure that the security measures and deployments are continuously enhanced, monitored and inspected.

This white paper explains the details of the security design, implementation, operation and validation solutions from the technical perspective.


Watch for a backdoor cyber security assualt. The Juniper Networks incident in December 2015 changed how industry looks at device security as hackers exploit deliberate weaknesses being installed into software. End users, integrators, and device manufacturers need to adapt and prepare for this new reality. Follow these cyber security steps.


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems have been part of the process industries for many decades and cyber security measures need to grow as technology advances. SCADA systems are used in oil and gas pipeline and other remote control and monitoring applications, such as electrical transmission and distribution, and water/wastewater.





How vulnerable is your plant to cyber attack? As industrial cyber attacks evolve, plant security has become a pressing challenge.


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