Safety Solutions

Safety: People. Environment. Assets.

Yokogawa is de-risking Europe’s manufacturing assets; ensuring plants operate safely and efficiently without any incidents … keeping people, environment, and assets out of harm’s way.

Additionally, emerging cyber security threats mean that the safety risk landscape is evolving at a faster pace than organizational preparedness.

Latest digital architectures and ways of working are requiring new considerations in safety engineering, HAZOP and risk analysis. . Smart, networked control systems with embedded sensors, multi-data processors, and physical actuators represent significant safety and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. And paper-based and/or ineffective legacy, control of work systems that do not manage and mitigate risk appropriately, are the cause of major process inefficiencies, costly errors and workforce incidents and fatalities during maintenance work.

New, integrated approaches are needed for managing functional safety, control of work, and cyber-physical security risks. With Yokogawa, we safely, securely, and smartly reinforce facilities’ licenses to operate … delivering proven, intelligent safety to protect people, environment, infrastructure, and investments in equipment and operations.

Deployed on-premise, in the cloud and at the edge, our technology and know-how deliver.
  • (Hardware) Independent functional safety consulting services: HAZOP and risk assessments, functional safety assessments and (site) validations, training, function safety audits, cold-eye functional safety reviews, SIL verifications etc.
  • Digitalized systems for intelligent, safe control of work​
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIL 1-4) and safety-rated sensors
  • Hardware Independent Functional Safety Supporting software packages
  • Operator training and capability assurance
  • AI-enabled cyber-physical security

Yokogawa … Supporting All Industries, All Scales, All Risks; delivering Smarter, Safer Working.

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