Power monitoring package SMARTDAC+ GM / UPM100

Yokogawa's easy to install solution saves energy

The power monitoring package is an energy saving data acquisition system for monitoring that comprises the GM Data Acquisition System and the UPM100 Power Monitor. The package enables visualization (graphical) of power usage in factories, reports, and other features that help you identify areas of wasted power.

Yokogawa tackles these subjects to be solved.

I want to....
  • monitor power easily without cost.
  • monitor power in required units such as building / floor / equipment.
  • spend as less time as possible for installation work and maintenance.

About OpreX

OpreX is the comprehensive brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business and stands for excellence in the related technology and solutions. It consists of categories and families under each category. This product belongs to the OpreX Components family that is aligned under the OpreX Measurement category.


Problem solving and advantage by introducing the power monitoring package.

By using "The model code selection tool,"

  • Reduce the complexity of selecting and combining multiple models at the time of introduction.

By introducing of "920 MHz wireless,"

  • Installation cost (time for wiring work + equipment cost) will be reduced.

By combining with "SMARTDAC + GM Data Logger,"

  • Widget function of hardware setting software will reduce the burden of initial setting.
  • It is possible to display a stacked bar graph suitable for power monitoring.
  • High efficient computing functions such as summation of observation data for each floor and regenerative power management are possible to manage in required units, reducing efficient energy costs.
  • It is optimal for input of up to 30 points, so it is easy to start from a small scale.
Saves energy everywhere

System configuration example

Overall picture

Aggregate monitoring of multiple groups, Easily visualize with custom graphics, Support peak-cutting with demand monitoring


Monitoring room

Integrated Monitoring (Software Data Logging Software)GA10

Aggregate monitoring of multiple groups
Monitor up to 2000 items

Easily visualize with custom graphics
Customize your display screens Easy-to-understand Visualization of your power usage

Support peak-cutting with demand monitoring
Graphically display demand power and set alarm notifications

Integrated Monitoring Software(Data Logging Software) GA10


Data Monitoring with the web application. (Internal network)

Power monitoring package SMARTDAC+ GM / UPM100 at the office


"Universal Viewer"
You can create hourly and daily reports of integral values of watt hours.

Universal Viewer-You can crate hourly and daily reports

"Hardware Configurator"
Sets up easily with the wizard-based Hardware Configurator.

Hardware Configurator- set up easily


Factory A

Compact configuration by package

Compact configuration by package

Factory B

System configuration offers highly scalable I/O

system configuration offers highly scalable I/O

*Flow meters not included

Order Flow

The model code selection tool makes it easier to select products and reduce troublesome when introducing them.

Easy select-Order Flow

1. On the web

Download the model code selection tool (ZIP file) from our website, and unzip it. 

2.Select Mode and Suffix Code

Enter the phase/wire format, rated voltage, primary side current, and options for display/pulse output, and then determine the format of the model to purchase and the number of units.


Packaged product

Data Acquisition GM10 Power monitor UPM100

CTW Current Transformers

GM Data Acquisition
> GM10
*GM10, unit (Required suffix code /MT, /MC, /WH),  GM power supply 1 unit(Required suffix code /WH),  GM10 model base 1 unit
Power monitors
> UPM100
Clamp-on Current Transformers
> CTW Current Transformers
*CTW15 / CTW35 / CTW10 / CTW20 / CTW100 / CTW130 Specified number of units


Related product

Data Logging Software
> GA10
Ethernet/RS-485 Converter
RS232C/RS485 Converter
(Plug-in type)
> ML2

Application Example

A Factory of Home Appliance Manufacturer:Engineering Dept. ⇒UPM100s are installed (19 units).

Power monitoring (EMS) of each test facility on a small-scale premises.

【Effects after application.】

  • Man-hours reduction for surveillance patrol.
  • Simultaneous collection of temperature and power data. (Reduction of aggregation man-hours.)

Power monitoring (EMS) of each test facility on a small-scale premises.


Application Note

Improving manufacturing efficiency demands constant action - from uncovering operational waste to identifying areas for continuous improvement. Namely, we must always pursue a cycle of visualizing, analyzing, and solving energy saving challenges.


Power monitoring package SMARTDAC+ GM and UPM100 system measures and quantifies the electrical energy consumption for each assembly line.

For power monitors, you need to set up CT and VT ratios. (In the case of the PR300 power monitor, phase, wiring method, voltage range, and other settings are required in advance.) However, even when you enter these settings, there are times when the ...
For each power monitor, normally you use 1 to 3 CTs. Single phase 2-wire = 1 CT; single-phase three-wire = 2 CTs; three-phase three-wire = 2 CTs, and three-phase four-wire = 3 CTs.
What are VT and CT ratios?
Generally, when measuring high voltage and high current transformer signals, you use a VT (voltage transformer) and CT (current transformer). The ratios between the primary and secondary rated voltages and rated currents are the VT and CT ratios. For...
For low and high voltage measurement it is a D type ground, and for especially high voltage measurement it's an A type ground. (Use in combination with a Yokogawa power monitor. Note that the CTW series current converters are for low voltages.) ...
Check the active power. If the active power turns negative or extremely small, check the items below. The active power is negative when the power is regenerating. Items to check Is the CT attachment orientation correct? Is a CT connected to th...


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