Air Particle Counter Data Recording

Air particle counters are used for air climate control monitoring in semiconductor and medical clean rooms.
DXAdvanced can acquire the cleanliness factor data measured by the particle counter via communication, and display and record it without degradation of accuracy.

Air particle counter data recording

In the figure above, a particle counter acting as the Modbus slave is connected via RS-485, then data such as the cleanliness factor of 2 grain diameters (0.5 μm/5.0 μm), sample flow rate, and CAL (measurement status) are displayed and recorded on DXAdvanced via Modbus/RTU communication.

  • DXAdvanced and the particle counter are connected via Modbus/RTU (RS-485)
    /C3 = RS-422A/485 communication interface option
  • Numeric display/recording on MATH CH
    /M1 = computation function option
  • Alarm relay output on abnormal cleanliness factor
    /A1 = alarm output relay option

Up to 16 DXAdvanced master commands can be set.
(The number that can be connected varies depending on the number of data acquired from the counter and the register configuration.)

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