Application Example of the Custom Display

Using the custom display function that comes standard with DXAdvanced means that you can combine the recorders, displays, and switches used in various kinds of equipment.

Application Example of the Custom Display

  • With the custom display function, you can save on wiring, space, and costs by combining recorders, displays, and switches.
  • Customers can use the custom display function themselves to create any number of various display formats that were not possible on conventional recorders to achieve an easy-to-see data monitoring solution that is most suited their application.
  • Anyone can easily create custom display screens by using DAQStudio screen builder software (sold separately).


  • Voedsel en dranken

    In de voedings- en drankenindustrie worden steeds hogere eisen gesteld aan de kwaliteit, veiligheid en beveiliging. Fabrikanten streven voortdurend naar kostenverlaging om de concurrentiepositie te verbeteren. De industriële IoT-oplossingen (IIoT) van Yokogawa maken dagelijkse verbeteringscycli mogelijk, elimineren defecte producten en minimaliseren de productiestilstand.


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  • Button Operated DX1000/DX2000

    The Daqstation DX1000/2000 series is a data acquisition system with display. Its HMI supports custom graphics for industry applications, audit trail and advanced security conforming to FDA 21CFR Part 11.


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