Monitoring and Recording Wind Direction and Speed

Kyoto Tower Corporation uses the DX2000 Paperless Recorder to record and monitor wind speed and direction

Completed in 1964, Kyoto Tower soars above Kyoto Station as a symbol of the city. With a 3-story basement + 9-story tall building that forms the base, the tower's body uses a frameless cylindrical construction that is highly resistant to vibration. Though Kyoto is landlocked, the tower's unique form conjures images of a lighthouse illuminating the streets.

The DX2000 Paperless Recorder is installed in a measurement station at the observation deck within the tower's 97-meter high 4th floor, and monitors and records data from anemometers and weather vanes placed around the 120-meter high apex of the tower.

Kyoto Tower Manager: "We used to use paper recorders but I think the printed line graphs were hard for visitors to understand. We purchased the DX2000, and now the data is quick and easy to understand. Little kids and people from foreign countries stop and look it from their curiosity."

Kyoto Tower

The DX2000 comes with a Custom Graphic function that allows you to customize the display. In addition to arranging various parts on the screen such as trends and bar graphs, you can place bitmap images to make your screens intuitive overview monitors.

The DX2000 installed at Kyoto tower is owned and operated by the Kyoto City Institute of Health and Environmental Sciences. They use it for various purposes such as to observe local weather and for emergency air pollution warnings.

Kyoto City Manager: "We considered switching from paper to digital, and were looking for a recorder with an easy to read screen." The DX2000 has a 10.4–inch TFT color LCD offering high visibility.

Custom Graphic function

Kyoto City Manager: "With our previous paper recorder, it was very difficult to replace the paper, ink ribbon, and other consumables. Plus, paper jams were always a problem. Once we went paperless, we didn't have any more trouble with it. It was also inconvenient to have to buy the ink and other accessories, and sometimes it would break down. We inspected it every week, but we're really glad not to have to deal with all of that anymore."

The DX also has an SNTP function so the tower engineers can synchronize with telemeters to achieve accurate data time control across the whole system.

"If you come to Kyoto Tower be sure to take a look at the wind direction and speed data on the DX2000 on the 4th floor observation deck."

Customer Introduction

Kyoto Tower Corporation
Kyoto City Institute of Health and Environmental Sciences

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