A Guide to Smart Manufacturing in the Process Industries

Download; A Guide to Smart Manufacturing in the Process Industries

Yokogawa, as a global provider of digital technology and solutions, has extensive experience in implementing digital transformation for process industry manufacturers. These implementations include the entire value chain optimization for supply chain, operations, maintenance, and production, with the ultimate objective being industrial autonomy.

Download this white paper which explains how Yokogawa implements efficient and smart plant operations. We have a proven record of implementing solutions for process industry manufacturers to help them meet smart manufacturing goals, resulting in performance improvements and the creation of new business opportunities.


Gerelateerde producten & oplossingen

  • Collaborative Information Server

    De CI Server maakt onmiddellijke verbetering van de productie-efficiëntie mogelijk door middel van digitale transformatie en vermindering van operationeel onderhoud terwijl een digitaal transformatie framework wordt opgebouwd.

  • Digitale Transformatie Advies

    DX advies en ondersteuning met wereldwijde ervaring in de sector en uitgebreide technische expertise die voortkomt uit Yokogawa's vertrouwde digitale technologie en verbeteringsadvies.

  • Smart Manufacturing

    In smart manufacturing, all data, processes, and equipment are intelligently coordinated. This enables a holistic, highly efficient response to changing needs.

  • Smart Manufacturing Methodology

    Solutions that accelerate DX activities in right way and realize Smart Manufacturing/IA2IA goal by utilizing Yokogawa capability on consulting/project execution and S.I.R.I. assessment. 

  • Digitale transformatie

    Realiseer een slimme productie en intelligente besluitvorming zodat u efficiënter produceert en klaar bent voor de toekomst.

  • Yokogawa Cloud

    Yokogawa Cloud is a industrial transformation and IoT platform to accelerate the development and deployment of industrial cloud applications. Yokogawa engineers platform applications and solutions on behalf of customers. It supports the ingestion, processing, and curation of data from various sources, provides industry-specific algorithms and models and integrates across applications to support insightful decision-making and higher levels of automation.


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