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Company Profile

Our Achievements

1974 Incorporated Yokogawa Electric Singapore Pte Ltd.
1975 Established Yokogawa Corporation of Asia Pte Ltd.Started meter production in Bedok factory.
1981 Recognised as a model factory by Economic Development Board (EDB).Awarded Japan Industry Standards (JIS) mark for portable meters.
1983 Awarded JIS mark for insulation testers.
1984 Received three top national QCC awards.
1986 Established the first Yokogawa Engineering Centre outside Japan.
1987 First CENTUM Distributed Control System (DCS) production in Singapore at Bedok factory. Awarded EDB Pioneer Certificate for DCS.
1988 Merger of Yokogawa Corporation of Asia and Yokogawa Engineering Centre to form the Regional HQ for Southeast Asia - Yokogawa Asia Pte Ltd.
Accreditation of Standards Laboratory by SISIR.
1989 Started MicroXL system production.
Expanded regional sales network in Southeast Asia.
Established joint venture companies in Thailand - Yokogawa (Thailand) Ltd, and Malaysia - Yokogawa Electric (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and Yokogawa Kontrol (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
Established a customer service centre in Manila.
1990 Merger of Yokogawa Asia and Yokogawa Electric Singapore to form Yokogawa Electric Asia Pte Ltd.
1991 Joined EDB initiative to train Chemical Process Technicians.
1992 Certified ISO 9002 for manufacture of DCS including the assembly of PCBs for DCS.
1993 Certified 9001 to include sales application, engineering and servicing of DCS.Offered for First Fine Art Degree Scholarship Award of S$9001 to Lasalle-SIA College.
1994 Produced the first CENTUM CS.
Awarded EDB pioneer certificate for Centum CS.
Established PT Yokogawa Indonesia (YIN) in Indonesia.
1995 Established PT Yokogawa Manufacturing Batam (YMB) in Indonesia.
Started SMT production in Bedok Factory.
1996 Established PT Yokogawa Power Supply Batam (PB) in Indonesia.
Awarded RISC incentive by NSTB for R&D in Solution Software.
Established Yokoshin Software Engineering (Wuxi) Co. Ltd in China.
Established Yokogawa Philippines Inc. (YPI) in Philippines.
1997 Certified ISO 9001 to include DCS hardware design & development.
Established Yokogawa Engineering Asia to take over to take over sales, engineering and service operations.
Awarded the EDB Business Headquarters status.
Awarded the innovation Development Award by EDB.
Awarded the RISC incentive by NSTB for R&D in Solution Software.
Established Yokogawa Trading Asia to consolidate international logistics and procurement operations.
1998 Started production of EJA transmitters, CENTUM CS 1000 and CENTUM CS3000.
1999 YEA established Joint Venture with Plant Engineering Construction to form Plant Electrical Instrumentation (PEI).
Signed MoU with Vietnam Ministry of Industry's union for Science & Electronic Engineering (SEEN) on the technology transfer in industrial automation.