Virtualization on Premise

Yokogawa understands the training needs of plant personnel (Technicians, Engineers and Managers), and has developed an on-site CENTUM VP training infrastructure, “Virtualization On-Premise (VOP)”. It contains virtualized CENTUM VP and ProSafe-RS systems managed by Private Cloud technology, integrated with a Learning Management System (LMS). Plant operators and engineers can safely perform their own learning using their own virtual machines, 24/7. At the same time, plant managers can conduct training audits via the LMS. CENTUM VP and ProSafe-RS virtual machines can be easily maintained using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) throughout the lifecycle of management of the process plant.

Customer Challenge

According to a report by ARC Advisory Group, training is the most important aspect that will lead to operational readiness.

The continued influx of less experienced workers into the world of automation spur the need for complete and effective training solutions.

Expansion, upgrading and capital projects need an inclusive training solution to ensure that plant is running at optimum efficiency and operators are well-trained to handle daily operations, maintenance and unexpected situations.  Engineers need to be equipped with tools to learn and perform engineering optimally.


Our Solutions

We provide an optimal and flexible design of effective training lifecycle plan for the customers’ control systems by maintaining a balance of availability and convenience.

This is the outcome of co-innovation; through valuable feedback gathered from our customers, we’ve created long-term training engagement throughout the lifecycle of the hardware investment by utilizing VOP integrated with LMS.

Customer Benefits

•    Operational readiness can be achieved with minimal cost and increased convenience.
•    24/7 learning engagement and working with the actual instance of virtualized CENTUM VP and ProSafe-RS systems.
•    The LMS allows for auditable learning journey outcomes and operational compliance for critical SOP tasks.

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