Safety Case Consultancy

Our process safety consultancy and solutions aid customers in achieving and demonstrating compliance to Safety Case Regime (SCR).

Customer Challenges

  All Major Hazardous Installations (MHI) are required to prepare and submit their Safety Cases to Major Hazards Department (MHD) for assessment and demonstration to ensure risk levels of the major accident scenarios identified are reduced to ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable) as to the following submission deadlines from MHD:

•         Phase 1: Mar 2018
•         Phase 2: Sep 2018
•         Phase 3: Mar 2019
•         Phase 3+: Sep 2019

Safety Case preparation will take up significant manpower, time and efforts which may affect the staff's attention to their routinely operations. Yokogawa aims to help our customers to overcome and ease their challenges in complying to the new Safety Case regulations required by the MHD.

Our Solution

  With our Process Hazards and Risk Analysis (PHRA) experienced risk consultants and engineers, Yokogawa helps you get your facility right on track and simplifies the Safety Case development with our tailored range of services and solutions.  

  1. Safety Case Gap Analysis: Gap analysis is the starting point for preparation of a Safety Case report. This step compares your facility’s  existing documentation and procedures against the requirements of the Safety Case Regime for MHIs, identifies lacking information or documentation, and enables you to accurately plan and organise your Safety Case developmental schedule.
  2. Safety Case Development:  Our consultants provide a one-stop solution to develop a Safety Case report. They will work with your facility’s Safety Case team, to study and understand safety critical information, develop ALARP demonstration, along with the Safety Case report, and assist them during MHD meetings.
  3. Safety Case Mentoring:  With our pool of experts and database of the previous success cases, Yokogawa is ready to help your facility develop your company's Safety Case in-house capability.

Yokogawa provides advisory support to your company’s Safety Case team and guides them in the right direction to efficiently develop a professional Safety Case for submission, and assists them during MHD meetings.

Customer Benefits

With Yokogawa Safety Case Consultancy, you can be assured that a professional Safety Case will be developed for your organization, and that you will be ready for the MHD submission. Our consultants will also be available, should you require assistance during the Safety Case presentation.

*Contents, services and solutions stated above on Safety Case Regime (SCR) are only applicable for Singapore region.

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