Mixed Reality

The realm of Mixed Reality (MR) allows one to create the ideal environment encompassing the new holographic experience with communication and collaboration. The interactive capabilities emerge from the fusion of VR and AR. Powerful features of MR such as physical surroundings mapping, gestures monitoring, voice recognition and 3D data presentation are proven solutions for most enterprises. 

Customer Challenge

Technology is driving businesses and enterprises are using technology to simplify work processes and production efficiencies. However, it is a challenge to operate and maintain the sophisticated systems behind these technologies. With the aging workforce, skilled personnel are highly sort after.

This resulted in a centralized team of experts to provide support to various locations of businesses and production plants, creating a need to provide an infrastructure for the team to understand the situations before providing corresponding resolutions across any geographical locations.

Our Solutions

Depending on the nature of businesses, different Mixed Reality system configurations can be designed. These range from the selection of Head Mounted Devices (HMDs) for safe or hazardous zones, real time data exchanges among systems (PCS, SCS, PIMS, ERP, etc) and the wireless infrastructure (4G/5G, WIFI, etc). 
MR applications will be developed according to the businesses’ requirement. Digital information can be anchored on the real world’s environment for safety consideration, troubleshooting, production operations, asset maintenance & repair, learning journeys and many other applications for various industries.














Customer Benefits

•    Reduction of operational expenditure via remote assistance 
•    Improve operation efficiency with step by step instructions
•    Easy communication and collaboration
•    Better visualization through use of digital elements on actual equipment
•    Easy documentation for site patrol
•    Safety alarming information during abnormality


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