Virtual Reality

Training is no longer restricted within a classroom or sitting in front of a computer screen. It can be carried out in an enjoyable and high-tech environment through Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Reality is far more effective than old-fashioned videos and boring training manuals or sessions. An interactive 3D environment deepens the learning experience. Trainees are able to learn faster and retain much more knowledge as compared to conventional training methods.

Customer Challenge

There are many essential trainings required for operators  before they can start running the process plants confidently and effectively.
Trainings includes handling complexed field equipment to learning various plant processes like plant startup, shutdown, maintenance, evacuation, contingencies, etc. How can the operators learn fast and remember the knowledge learnt? How can the company ensure that its workforce is well-trained without incurring huge training costs?


Our Solutions

VR provides an interactive training experience for field equipment and plant standard operating procedures.

A 3D virtual environment is built from CAD drawings or via photo imaging techniques, thus allowing any plant environment to be digitally transformed. Trainees can be teleported to any required training environment at a touch of a button and different scenarios can be created to test trainee reactions. Detailed training reports can be generated at the end of the training sessions to ensure competency. Expensive training skids, space or even experienced trainers are longer necessary.


Customer Benefits

The result of utilizing VR is a well-trained workforce that's operational ready and able to run the plant at optimum efficiency.

Liabilities like injuries, damaged equipment or product deficiencies can be eradicated, resulting in a reduction of overall operating costs and maximized profitability. VR simulations can simplify the most complex equipment or plant processes that cannot be easily understood using traditional training methods. This enables trainees to learn through self-exploration, discovering tiny details that might not be discovered in a conventional training set-up. 

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