Corporate Citizenship in Europe

Human Resources Development / Education (Germany)

Yokogawa Deutschland GmbH (Germany) introduced the company’s automatic control techniques to female students. Every year technical enterprises, technical training facilities, universities and research centres hold an open day on Girl’s Day. The vocational choices of girls are influenced in a positive way.

Helping Socially Vulnerable People(Netherlands)

Employees of Yokogawa Europe B.V. (Netherlands) bring presents to the company at the end of year and hold a Christmas market and a lottery. Every year, the company pays the same amount of money collected from employees and the total amount is donated to a selected organization. In 2017, a donation was made to Red Cross campaign ‘Bringing them back again’ to re-unite refugee children with their parents and/or relatives.

Employees of Yokogawa Europe B.V., Yokogawa Europe Solutions B.V. and Yokogawa Process Analyzers B.V. (Netherlands) collect plastic caps from bottles to donate to KNGF, the organization that trains young dogs to become guide dogs.

Sports(Netherlands, Poland)

Hospice St. Raphael

  • Yokogawa Europe B.V. (Netherlands) donated cash as a main sponsor of Businessloop Amersfoort. 43 employees participated in a charity running event in Amersfoort City.
  • Yokogawa Polska Sp. zo.o. (Poland) participated in the Relay Run Ekiden,. KOPD (Komitet Ochrony Praw Dziecka); a nationwide non profit organization for protection of Children’s rights.

Culture(Netherlands, Poland)

Hospice St. Raphael

  • East meets west in Amersfoort, Yokogawa Europe B.V. (Netherlands) welcomed the Japanese hockey team and exchanged experiences and gain insights in the company’s business, Dutch culture and sports.
  • Yokogawa Polska Sp. z o.o. (Poland) participated in a picnic ‘Shokokai’ to promote the the Japanese, along with promoting Yokogawa as one of the sponsors.