Empowering SoS Success as a Trusted Partner

Providing value in the SoS domain

Yokogawa is an emerging leader in the SoS domain and has a proven track record of providing comprehensive solutions that encompass strategic consultation and seamless integration. As a trusted partner, we guide organizations through the complexities of interconnected systems, offering strategic insights and innovative approaches to drive collaboration, optimize operations, unlock emergent value, and foster sustainable success. Yokogawa achieves this by performing two distinct roles in an SoS environment.

Strategic consulting: Offering expertise from the beginning by undertaking economic analysis, forming business models, establishing objectives, and building trust.

  • Clarification of objectives and setting of goals
  • Business model development, economic impact analysis, and forecasting
  • Project design and related funding planning
  • Stakeholder facilitation and relationship development

Seamless integration: Offering continuous integration of advanced technology solutions through every stage of growth and operation of an SoS.

  • Determination, evaluation, and continuous improvement of system performance
  • Integration, harmonization, and optimization of workflows throughout the system
  • Lifecycle management
  • Providing state-of-the-art technology to support SoS


Yokogawa’s core competencies that empower SoS success

Over the years, as the industry has evolved through the distinct levels of industrial evolution from the first industrial revolution to the emerging digital era of Industry 4.0, Yokogawa has continuously developed capabilities and qualities to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders. As industries, supply chains, and industrial clusters increasingly collaborate, Yokogawa has emerged as a recognized and valued partner within and across companies.

This recognition is reflected in our core competencies related to SoS, which are widely known among our customer base through our actions and achievements. These competencies can be categorized into four main areas.

Cultural Foundation

Yokogawa’s culture of building strong relationships with stakeholders and breaking down silos within and between companies


Yokogawa’s capability to integrate different systems across organizations

Knowledge and expertise

Yokogawa’s broad-based business and technical knowledge and awareness of societal goals


Yokogawa’s world-class technologies that support continuous improvement and innovation


Empowering SoS success

Yokogawa, as a trusted partner, facilitates connections between companies, enabling the realization of SoS. This involves assuming roles that deliver effective value and offering consulting and integration services that encompass planning, advisory, and decision-making support.

Yokogawa’s core competencies are founded on extensive experience and resources that are crucial for fulfilling these roles. These strengths encompass intangible assets, such as technical capabilities and know-how, which Yokogawa has developed through its interactions with customers and stakeholders. As collaboration across industries and companies becomes increasingly vital across supply chains, as a trusted partner, we will continue to clarify and build Yokogawa’s core competencies, technologies, and solutions that benefit our customers involved in an SoS and continue our efforts to build awareness, trust, and value of the concept.

 Trusted partner in SoS domain

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