Drivers of SoS in Industry


Drivers of SoS activities

An SoS in manufacturing can be applied in many distinct areas, from unit operations on the plant floor to the enterprise level and even across supply chains. Today, with new societal pressures and technological advances, SoS activities in manufacturing are driven by:

  • Emerging digital systems, such as technological advances in AI and digitalization
  • Evolving physical systems, such as industrial clusters that change over time
  • Developing sustainable systems that are built to improve sustainability
Drivers of SoS activities


Digital Systems

Digital systems

Emerging digital systems, such as technological advances in AI and digitalization, provide incentives for firms to collaborate via: 

  • Digital interconnectedness - Advancements in data capture and analysis expedite data sharing and analysis across systems; and
  • Digital twin technology - As more systems adopt digital twins, they enable the modeling of SoS connections to predict additional synergistic and emergent value.

Physical Systems

Physical systems

Due to constant business pressure to become more efficient, physical systems have been evolving. There has been a long-term drive for businesses to physically cluster and collaborate for mutual benefit to improve efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.


Sustainable Systems

Sustainable systems

With the increasing governmental and societal pressure to increase sustainability, firms are responding with additional efforts to collaborate across established systems to improve sustainability performance, such as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals and other activities to minimize waste and emissions.


Unified SoS approach

As these three drivers converge on the industry today, they interact to make the operating environment more complex and challenging, and provide opportunities to produce more synergies and emergent value.   

To succeed in this environment, it is imperative to have a partner who thoroughly understands the different drivers, layers of complexity, and potential value that can be unlocked. 


Unified SoS approach



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