Automating yeast measurement with FlowCam for beverage companies

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Consistent quality means customer satisfaction improvement

Improving customer satisfaction and protecting brand value requires a relentless commitment to quality. Understanding the status of beer yeast is key to improving quality and manufacturing products that the same. Optimal yeast viability, brewers can achieve consistent fermentation, control flavor development, and produce high-quality, flavorful beers. Yeast viability is crucial in beer fermentation for several reasons.

Fermentation efficiency: Active and viable yeast cells are responsible for converting the sugars in the wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide during the fermentation process. The viability of yeast directly affects its ability to ferment the sugars efficiently.
Flavor development: Yeast contributes significantly to the flavor profile of beer through theproduction of various compounds during fermentation. Healthy and viable yeast cells are more capable of producing desirable flavors and aromas and stressed or non-viable yeast can produce off-flavors, leading to beer with undesirable taste characteristics.
Consistency and reproducibility: Maintaining yeast viability helps achieve consistency in beer production. Consistent yeast performance from batch to batch ensures that the flavor, aroma, and overall quality of the beer remain consistent over time.


Hemocytometer counting is a traditional and widely used method to count yeast cells. However, it can be an arduous task which relies heavily on inspectors.
・Preprocessing is cumbersome
・The pigment is absorbed in detritus and is prone to error
・Microscopic observation is stressful
・Human error is likely
・Calculating cell numbers from a limited and narrow field of view, the reproducibility of cell number calculations become sparce.



Yeast cell counting can be more precise yet simple and easy with Yokogawa’s FlowCam.

FlowCam is a specialized imaging instrument used for particle analysis in fluid samples. It combines flow cytometry and microscopy to capture high-resolution images of individual particles as they pass through a flow cell. The FlowCam provides both morphological and quantitative data about the particles present in a sample.


                                    Sample collection                    Photographing                 Particle image extraction          Quantification and 
                                    and introduction                      yeast in liquid                      and image analysis                  stastical analysus                   

・Multiple species of bacteria and yeast can be measured and evaluated simultaneously.
・Automatically analyzes live and dead yeast as well as growing yeast.
・Classify particles information by color. The visual image that shows numbers of particles and particle densities can be acquired in a few minutes.
・Increased statistical significance due to overwhelming sample volume.
・Reduced human errors. Reproducible data can be obtained.
・Only one physical filtering is needed since it only needs less than 10μm of yeast. Simply inject the sample into the device and start measurement. 


Yokogawa LIFE business vision

With our many years of experience and knowledge in supporting customers in the food and beverage manufacturing With our stindustry, we co-innovate new values through solving industry issues and optimize operation. With our strength in measurement, imaging/analysis/diagnosis, and integration/connection, we will lead the world in advancing “Bio Industrial Autonomy” and contribute to a future embracing global harmony. 



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