Operational Technology Architecture Design

OT Security Architecture Design

A well-designed Operational Technology (OT) cyber security architecture supports an organisation in achieving its goals and strategic objectives while minimising the risk from cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.

OT cyber security architecture is a crucial component within an organisation's integrated cyber security strategy which comprises of layered defences such as people, process and technology.

Leveraging Yokogawa's extensive operational technology, cyber security knowledge, and industry experience ensure an appropriate OT security architecture design for your entire organisation. Yokogawa's approach and solutions for OT cyber security architecture design ensure cyber resilience.

The key deliverables for your architecture design are:

  • Information about your infrastructure and software which enables you to meet your target security level
  • Policy and procedures for the use and deployment of people, processes and technology
  • The infrastructure design (e.g. the definition and separation of zones and location of WSUS servers)
  • A firm foundation to make infrastructure and planning decisions following policies, procedures and standards
  • Ability to assess existing installations and any modifications required for compliance with defined standards
  • An overview of the critical tasks, resources, and potential costs to the organisation following the design

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