Webinar: An Energy Digital Twin for the most efficient and cost-effective operation

Fechas: sep 16, 2020
Ubicación: Webex
página web: https://cp.yokogawa.com/EU_webinar_KBC-Energy-Optimization.html

Monitor and reduce emissions while improving the energy performance of your utility system in a smart and cost-effective way!
Register now for this live webinar in English: Learn more about the challenges industrial companies have to face and how an “Energy Digital Twin” as a central and only source manages to manage them.

Monitor and reduce emissions while improving your utilities system’s energy performance in a clever and cost-effective way! Register for this live webinar on the challenges industrial producers are facing and how an energy digital twin that provides a centralized single source of the truth is key in managing them.

Diego Ruiz, Principal Consultant at KBC with 26 years’ experience in the fuel and energy domains, will share his insights on:


  • Market uncertainty and the new challenges faced by industrial complexes
  • Energy digital twin technology for maximizing value
  • A live demo of Visual MESA Energy Management System (VM-EMS), dealing with Energy Real Time Optimization, performance monitoring, emissions management and scheduling of fuel and power system operations
  • An open Q&A session
Our extra for you: try it yourself! Attend the webinar and you will get access to a 30-day free web demo of Visual MESA Energy Management System so that you can test all functions and see how your company can benefit from them.

In addition to energy efficiency and emissions reduction, industrial complexes are facing new challenges related to pricing volatility, energy transition to renewables and deregulated markets. To successfully meet all these challenges, the digital twin requires robust energy real time optimization that will minimize energy costs, monitor performance and emissions, satisfy stakeholder demands for sustainability and maximize value from fluctuating fuel and power cost differentials.

Date and Time
Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 10:00 a.m.CET
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Who is this webinar for?
Plant managers, Operational managers, Energy managers, Environmental officers, Control engineers and anybody interested in energy optimization and real time monitoring from Chemical & Petrochemical, Oil and gas, Energy, Refining, Food & Beverages or Pharma industries.

Diego Ruiz
Technology Global Services Director at KBC

Diego Ruiz has 26 years’ experience in computer science applications in chemical engineering and a Doctorate Degree in Chemical Engineering. He participated in the implementation of Energy Management Systems in large industrial complexes focusing on Energy Real Time Optimization. Activities included data collection, system review, software installation, model building and optimization configuration, training, commissioning and sustainability.
He was part in advanced control projects, such as model based predictive control in a polyols reactor implementation. He worked on more than twenty international projects (as subject matter expert and project manager, mainly in Europe, but also in Middle East, Russia, India and East Asia).



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