Tube Temperature Monitoring


ISA LogoIn a power plant, boilers play a significant role in improving the efficiency of energy generation and optimal usage of fuel used to generate energy. Temperature monitoring of various sections of boiler like furnace walls, boiler generating tubes, super heater tubes and reheater tubes ensures this efficiency and optimizes fuel consumption. This is a source of major cost saving and higher productivity.


How is this application being addressed presently?

There are three different solutions widely used presently:

  • Thermocouple compensation cables laid till HOST system
  • Conventional wired temperature transmitters with multiple cables running till HOST system
  • Multi input Foundation Fieldbus temperature transmitters with multiple cables running till HOST system

The challenges and limitations with existing method of measurement:

  • Large numbers of wires for hundreds of Thermo couples running across the floor
  • Consumes space apart from cable cost and laying cost
  • Trouble-shooting is nearly impossible
  • Wait till multiple failure, compromise with efficiency
  • Repair only during shut-down, taking time out of other important shut-down activities

Loss of key temperature monitoring prevents the unit from operating at its optimum heat rate and hence turn inefficient.

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How did Wireless Solution overcome those challenges /limitations?

ISA100 Wireless compliant battery powered YTMX580 Multi input temperature transmitter breaks free from troublesome wiring and increases signal availability, maintain efficiency of operation and thus reducing operating cost of the unit with unique users-centric features:

  • Reliable, Fast, 8-ch Multipoint Measurements
  • High performance measurements with intervals as fast as 1 sec.
  • Superb environmental tolerance
  • Highly scalable – extendable up to 4000 measurement points with single gateway



Benefits to the users

  • Quick trouble shooting and maintenance – Less downtime
  • Quick detection of inefficient heat transfer due to deposit and scale build up by means of temperature differences – higher productivity
  • Optimized fuel consumption – lower cost of operation
  • Low power consumption devices enable savings – lower cost of operation
  • Industry proven Modbus platform enables easy and seamless integration with existing host system – lower cost of ownership
  • High and quick ROI

 Why Yokogawa

With proven track record of Yokogawa to provide reliable, scalable and open technology for almost a century and now adopting versatile ( supporting both FF and HART protocol) and users-driven ISA100.11a protocol, Yokogawa's ISA100.11a wireless solution addresses the specific application challenges of the process with the lowest cost of ownership and highest ROI to the users.

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Related Products & Solutions

YTMX580 Multi-Input Temperature Transmitter

YTMX580 can accept inputs from up to 8 points of measurement such as thermocouples (8 types: K, E, J, etc.) or RTD signals (3 types: Pt100, etc.), converting the corresponding measurement input values to a wireless signal. It can also accept DC voltage, resistance, and 4 to 20 mA DC signal input.


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