Milk Processing Application with DXAdvanced


Milk should be processed within 4 to 6 hours of production to make it fit for human consumption. Temperature is a very important parameter which has to be monitored at different stages of milk processing.

These temperature has to be monitored very critically at different stages (Making sure the bacteria is properly eliminated to the max) & thus evolved a terminology known as CCP (Critical Control Point).

Milk Processing Application with DXAdvanced

Custom screen example

Storage tank temperature monitoring custom graphic

Custom screen example

Custom screen example 1

Benefits of using DXAdvanced

Benefits of using DXAdvanced
Custom screen example 2
  • Alarm annunciation function
    allows you to monitor process continuously between the set temp of 4 to 7°C.
  • Calendar search function
    allows you to analyze data based on time without running through all the files residing in the memory.
  • Large internal memory/FIFO function
    huge data storage facility.
  • Paperless
    huge saving of paper & also electronic storage of data.
  • Custom display
    allow to view the actual process with the PV indication.



  • Voedsel en dranken

    In de voedings- en drankenindustrie worden steeds hogere eisen gesteld aan de kwaliteit, veiligheid en beveiliging. Fabrikanten streven voortdurend naar kostenverlaging om de concurrentiepositie te verbeteren. De industriële IoT-oplossingen (IIoT) van Yokogawa maken dagelijkse verbeteringscycli mogelijk, elimineren defecte producten en minimaliseren de productiestilstand.


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