Operation Recording and Replay


Yokogawa has developed a new solution to dynamically ‘Replay’ past operations in a data-driven CENTUM environment. CENTUM Replay continuously records a running window of up to seven days of operating data, communicating with the CENTUM HIS operator station via OPC.CENTUM Replay

Creation of living videos of past operations that visualises navigation between operator views, and the addition of operator comments, has proved to be an invaluable solution for root cause analysis and provides a new perspective for operators’ training.

CENTUM Replay and Root Cause Analysis

Correctly performed, a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) can identify breakdowns in processes or systems that contributed to a non-conformance or non-routine operation. An RCA is performed to recall what happened, why it happened, and it assists the users in deciding what improvements or changes are required to prevent it from happening again. With CENTUM Replay, valuable plant operations can be recorded and replayed. Reply facilitates navigation through historical operations and allows users to provide accompanying comments, thereby eliminating repeat problems.

Knowledge Transfer through CENTUM Replay

As the skills shortage gap is growing due to the impending retirement of an ageing workforce, the question of knowledge transfer and training becomes critical. CENTUM Replay provides a methodology for the loss of experiential knowledge by creating a realistic and dynamic training environment, without the need for an Operator Training Simulator.

Summary of the benefits of CENTUM Replay:

  • Low cost of ownership, low maintenance
  • Flexible and agile
  • Simple management, efficient analysis, efficient training
  • Create interactive educational videos

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