Yokogawa Enters into Partnership with Radial Software Group to Provide AI-powered Viewport Software Worldwide

Tokyo, Japan - February 20, 2023

Yokogawa Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6841) announces that it has entered into a partnership with Radial Software Group B.V. and will act as a global value-added reseller* for this company's Viewport software. With Viewport, Yokogawa will be able to enhance its customer's asset management capabilities by offering an innovative AI-powered solution that provides a single view of all published technical information, thereby reducing risk, contributing to operational excellence, and taking them one step closer to digital transformation. Through this partnership, Yokogawa will be able to manage implementation, integration, and support for instances of the Viewport software running on the Yokogawa Cloud platform for optimal scalability, installation flexibility, and integration with Yokogawa solutions and services.

To achieve operational excellence, most organizations in the process industry heavily rely on maintenance personnel to discover and map deficiencies and inconsistencies in their processes. However, the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of these efforts can be hindered if they are working with multiple asset documentation systems. Viewport is a technical search platform with a single interface that provides visibility to all office documents, CAD drawings, scans, images, and equipment data, regardless of whether they are hosted on a legacy system or come from some other source. The platform is supported by connectors and APIs, accelerating efficiency, productivity, and safety in industrial environments by providing instant access to correct and up-to-date asset information.

Viewport operates on top of existing systems, creating links between documents and the maintenance management system. Viewport's AI-powered algorithms allow systems and documents to be indexed in such a way that a powerful yet simple search experience is created across different assets, bringing everything together in one place. The system also allows the use of synonym tables for easy searching, the creation of document folders for work preparation or work orders, and the linking of real-time supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data or data historian data to piping and instrumentation diagrams.

Viewport can connect to various Yokogawa and third-party platforms
Viewport can connect to various Yokogawa and third-party platforms

On top of operational excellence benefits, Viewport can help companies transition to the digital era by establishing links between existing documentation and pinpointing inconsistencies and flaws in digital data such as drawings and documents.

* Available in all major markets outside of Japan

Major Target Markets

Oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, iron and steel, pulp and paper, electric power, wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, and food


Documentation management, asset management, asset maintenance, and technical data management

Outline of Radial Software Group B.V.

Headquarters: Netherlands
Established: 2010
CEO: Tjidde Boers
Business: Radial SG is operating as an independent software vendor that helps organizations improve the delivery of sensible asset data for man and machine
Website URL: https://viewport.ai/


About Yokogawa

Yokogawa provides advanced solutions in the areas of measurement, control, and information to customers across a broad range of industries, including energy, chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, and food. Yokogawa addresses customer issues regarding the optimization of production, assets, and the supply chain with the effective application of digital technologies, enabling the transition to autonomous operations.
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