Modular GM10

The Data Logger that can be used flexibly according to the equipment

Industrial processes often employ multiple data acquisition systems to monitor the health of assets and facility infrastructure. These systems can be either standalone or built as nodes within a larger automation topology.

The GM10 is a scalable modular block I/O data acquisition system and data-logging platform that is designed for easy installation and maintenance and requires no programming.  It supports remote web-based or wireless configuration and monitoring via Bluetooth connection. The unit can be DIN rail mounted, wall mounted or act as a standalone desktop application. The Yokogawa GM10 delivers industry leading reliability and measurement accuracy. In addition, a wide range of communication protocols guarantee compatibility with your network architecture.

> PROFINET communication supported  NEW!

Easier to use and more convenient

Industry's first! AI Equipment / Quality Easy Predictive Detection

Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection:
By easily creating predictive detection models from past recorded data, you can detect prediction of abnormalities in manufacturing equipment and products at an early stage.
> Click here for details on AI Predictive Detection
AI related products : go to AI Product Solutions page

Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection


Supports the aerospace industry's AMS2750/NADCAP and the automotive industry's CQI-9 for heat treatment applications (option)

Schedule management for periodically executing calibration correction configuration and the like. Compliant with heat treatment standard CQI-9 adopted by major companies in the automotive industry.
> Heat treatment special site 


Supporting FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU-GMP Annex 11, and data integrity


The advanced security function provides safety to use. With the expansion of the advanced security function option (/AS), it corresponds to US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU-GMP Annex 11, and data integrity in accordance with ALCOA +.
> What is "ALCOA +"?


Download technical data:

Regarding analog measurement, we have summarized the frequently asked questions in [Basic], [Applied], and [Noise Countermeasures].  > Download

About OpreX

OpreX is the comprehensive brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business and stands for excellence in the related technology and solutions. It consists of categories and families under each category. This product belongs to the OpreX Data Acquisition family that is aligned under the OpreX Measurement category.


Predictive monitoring with AI
Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection

* Creating predictive detection models and profile waveforms requires the Equipment/Quality Predictive Detection tool (sold separately).

Easily determine the quality of processes and equipment with the Health Monitor function

By easily creating predictive detection models from past recorded OK/NG (Not Good) data and loading it into GM, you can detect prediction of abnormalities in manufacturing equipment and product quality degradation at an early stage. And because health scores which show the degree of normal and abnormal data consider correlations among multiple data to make determinations, they can capture prediction of abnormalities that are difficult for humans to detect.

  • Maximum number of channels: 20
  • Shortest recording interval: 100 ms
  • Target channels: I/O channel, math channel, and communication channel
  • Files that can be used to create a predictive detection model:
    [Yokogawa products] SMARTDAC+, DXAdvanced
    [Other companies’ products] KEYENCE : TR-W1000 and TR-W500 csv file, CHINO : KR2000 and KR3000 csv file, EUROTHERM : 6100A and 6180A csv file

Easily determine the quality of processes and equipment with the Health Monitor function

Health monitor function empowers you to:

  • Perform maintenance and repair before equipment malfunctions and product quality degradation
  • Quantify degrees of equipment deterioration and quality degradation
  • Easily build equipment/quality predictive detection systems on site


Profile function delivers real-time warnings of abnormalities

By creating a profile waveform from past recorded data and loading it into GM, this waveform can be used as a threshold for process values. Profile waveforms are useful in applications where process values change over time. Also, you can see the deviation from the reference waveform on the screen.

  • Maximum number of channels: 20
  • Shortest recording interval: 500 ms  */MC option required

Profile function delivers real-time warnings of abnormalities

Profile function empowers you to:

  • Monitor and set alarms for the entire process, including the initial rise
  • Compare the current process values with the ideal waveform

Please refer to the application notes for the proven effects and use cases of predictive detection.

Free trial for 60 days!* Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection

By creating predictive detection model and profile waveform, Cloud or Offline Equipment/Quality Predictive Detection tool (paid separately) is required. To use cloud version, you need to apply from the following site to create an account. 
*There are some functional restrictions during the free trial period.

  • Cloud version : Predictive detection model cannot be loaded on SMARTDAC + main unit. It is possible to load the profile waveform into the SMARTDAC + main unit.
  • Offline version : Neither of the sign detection model profile waveforms can be loaded into the SMARTDAC + main unit.

> Click here to apply for the cloud version
> Click here to download the offline version

 *Search "OE10" on the member's site.

Note: Cloud version is available only for US, Canada, EU and UK.

Data analysis made simple and mobile

High speed measurement (down to 1 ms)

Yokogawa's proprietary A/D converter allows the high speed module to measure data points as fast 1ms.

  • High speed (1 ms) measurement*
  • Proprietary A/D converter

*With 1ch per module. At 2 ms, 2 ch per module, and at 5 ms or more, all 4 ch per module.

Max. channels
Model Scan interval
1ms 2ms 10ms
GM10-1 1ch 5ch 10ch
GM10-2 5ch 25ch 32ch

High speed measurement (down to 1 ms)


Dual interval measurement with two different scan intervals

Users have the ability to choose two different scan intervals on a single GM system. This allows users the flexibility to measure various types of inputs with two different scan intervals in a single system. For example, this provides for efficient, simultaneous measurement of signals with slow fluctuations such as temperature, and fast-changing signals such as pressure and vibration. Modules can be assigned to measurement groups.

Dual interval measurement with 2 scan intervals.


PID control function

Control function to enable PID and program control

  • PID control module
    2-loops per module, up to 20 loops per system
  • Setpoint program control function (/PG option)
    Up to 99 patterns


Remote operation and monitoring

The web application enables remote operation and monitoring from a browser.

Remote operation and monitoring


MATH (including reports), and event actions

MATH function (/MT option)

Supports various kinds of math computation, including basic math and functions (square root, logarithms, trigonometry). Write formulas using variables for measured or computed data and save or display the results—this saves time and effort on post-processing. Create hourly, daily, monthly, and other reports with the Report function.

Event actions

Ability to assign actions tied to specific events during the operation of the data acquisition station.

Event actions


Supports the aerospace industry's AMS2750/NADCAP and the automotive industry's CQI-9 for heat treatment applications

Calibration correction schedule control function (/AH option)

Schedule management for periodically executing calibration correction configuration and the like. You can set the input correction factor as a sensor correction factor and instrument correction factor. For AMS2750, we offer TUS software* that can easily create TUS (temperature distribution test) reports.*

* For details on TUS software, consult with your Yokogawa dealer.

Calibration correction schedule control function (/AH option)

Input calibration is performed in the AI channel setting screen, and the calibration period settings are entered in the schedule management setting screen.


Record data in separate files per equipment set

Multi-batch Function (/BT option)

Record pre-defined channel groups to separate data files with independent start and stop control. You can create up to 12 batches.

Multi-batch Function (/BT option) 02


Automatically create reports with any template

Report creation and network functions (/MT option)

Report creation and network functions (/MT option)

Ready for the future when you are, Smart Architecture

Increase channels by adding additional block modules

  • Expand one, or multiple module at a time
  • Unique design houses modules in linked module bases
  • Module base ensures linkage (slide locks and mounting screws also available)
  • Modules can be inserted and removed from the front panel for easy maintenance

YOKOGAWA proprietary block architecture

Names of data acquisition module parts

Names of data acquisition module parts


Comes standard with support for up to 100 ch of measurement (single-unit configuration)

Up to 10 I/O modules can be linked to a single data acquisition module (GM10)

Comes standard with support for up to 100 ch of measurement (single-unit configuration)

Installs anywhere

For the desktop, DIN rails, or wall-mounting. No special attachments required.

Installs anywhere


Select from a wide range of I/O modules

Select modules according to your application. Noise-resistant, magnetic relay types also available. All modules have removable terminal blocks for easy wiring. The same modules used in the SMARTDAC+TM series.

Wide variety of input/output modules

Model Name Measurement/Application Channels
GX90XA-10-U2 Analog input module DC voltage, DC current (with external shunt resistor connected), thermocouple, RTD, contact (solid state relay scanner type) 10
GX90XA-10-L1 DC voltage, DC current (with external shunt resistor connected), thermocouple, contact (Low withstand voltage solid state relay scanner type) 10
GX90XA-10-T1 DC voltage, DC current (with external shunt resistor connected), thermocouple, contact (electromagnetic relay scanner type) 10
GX90XA-10-C1 DC current (mA) (solid state relay scanner type) 10
GX90XA-10-V1 DC voltage, DC current (with external shunt resistor connected), thermocouple, contact (Solid state relay scanner type) 10
GX90XA-04-H0 DC voltage, DC current (with external shunt resistor connected), thermocouple, RTD, contact (individual A/D type) 4
GX90XA-06-R1 4-wire RTD, 4-wire resistance(solid state relay scanner type) 6
GX90YA Analog output module Current output (isolated between channels) 4
GX90XD Digital input module Remote control input or operation recording 16
GX90YD Digital output module Alarm output 6
GX90WD Digital input/output module Remote control input or operation recording/alarm output DI:8/DO:6
GX90XP Pulse input module Pulse signal data acquisition, integral count 10
GX90UT PID control module PID control (2 loop) AI:2/AO:2

* For details on each module, refer to the general specifications.
You can also select modules using the convenient selection tool Product Finder. 

Analog input module scan interval and measurement type

Type Channels Scan interval
Scanner TC RTD DCV DI mA Resistance Feature
Universal (-U2) 10 100ms SSR     Universal
Low withstand voltage relay (-L1) 10 500ms SSR       Mid-price
Electromagnetic relay (-T1) 10 1s Relay       Noise-resistance
DC current input (-C1) 10 100ms SSR           mA only
High withstand voltage (-V1) 10 100ms SSR       High withstand voltage
High speed universal (-H0) 4 1ms     High speed measurement
4-wire RTD (-R1) 6 100ms SSR         4-wireRTD

Internal memory and max. I/O channels

Type Internal memory Max. input/output channels*
GM10-1 500 MB Single-unit configuration 0 to 100
Multi-unit configuration 0 to 100
GM10-2 1.2 GB Single-unit configuration 0 to 100
Multi-unit configuration 0 to 420

Actual values support high precision measurement

Input type Measuring accuracy*1 (typical value*2)
DCV 20 mV ±(0.01% of reading + 5 μV)
60 mV ±(0.01 % of reading +5 μV)
6 V (1-5V) ±(0.01% of reading + 2 mV)
TC*3 R, S ±1.1 °C
B ±1.5 °C
K (-200.0 to 1370.0°C) ± (0.01% of rdg +0.2°C for 0.0 to 1370.0°C; ± (0.15% of rdg +0.2°C) for -200.0 to 0.0°C
K (-200.0 to 500.0°C) ± 0.2°C for 0.0 to 500.0°C; ± (0.15% of rdg +0.2°C) for -200.0 to 0.0°C
J ± 0.2°C for 0.0 to 1100.0°C; ± (0.10% of rdg + 0.2°C) for -200.0 to 0.0°C
T ± 0.2°C for 0.0 to 400.0°C; ± (0.10% of rdg + 0.2°C) for -200.0 to 0.0°C
N ± (0.01% of rdg + 0.2°C) for 0.0 to 1300.0°C; ± (0.22% of rdg + 0.2°C) for -200.0 to 0.0°C
RTD Pt100 (-200.0 to 850.0°C) ±(0.02% of rdg + 0.2°C )
Pt100 (-150.00 to 150.00°C) ±(0.02% of rdg + 0.16°C )
*1 Applies to GX90XA-10-U2, A/D integration time 16.67 ms or more, General operating conditions: 23±2 °C, 55±10% RH, supply voltage 90-132, 180-264 V AC, power frequency within 50/60 Hz ±1 %, warm-up of 30 minutes or more, no vibrations or other hindrances to performance.
*2 For the measuring accuracy (guaranteed), see the module’s general specifications (GS 04L53B01-01EN).
*3 These values do not include the reference junction compensation accuracy.

Support measurement of up to 420 ch (actual input) by expanding channels across multiple units (multi-unit configuration)

Expand up to 420 ch by using the GX90EX expansion module. (GM10-2)
On the GM10-2 large capacity type, up to 1000 ch are available for recording when including MATH and communication channels. Connect units with LAN cables for dispersed installations.

Support measurement of up to 420 ch

You connect directly with a LAN cable without connecting through a hub or repeater.
* You can also connect a GX60 expansion unit.


Reduce wiring with distributed installation

When the data logger is installed offsite (away from the DUT), you can place the sub unit at the site and monitor data without the need for long-distance wiring of thermocouples and other sensors.

Reduce wiring with distributed installation

Navigate with ease, Smart User Interface

Easy access from a Web browser

Through a Web browser you can monitor the GM in real time and change settings. You can easily build a seamless, low-cost remote monitoring system with no additional software.

Real time monitoring

With the scroll bar, you can seamlessly scroll between past and current trends

*Notice on Java Plug-in running in Web browser for SMARTDAC+ series

Real time monitoring

Enter settings online with a web browser

The setting screen lets you copy AI channel settings and other information to Excel for editing. You can reimport the data into the setting screen after editing.

Enter settings online with a web browser


Trend, digital, and other real-time displays

Trend, digital, and other real-time displays

Dedicated software (free download) is available for loading waveforms and GM settings

Universal viewer

Data files saved on the GM can be viewed and printed. You can perform statistical computation over an area and export to ASCII, Excel, or other formats.

Universal viewer

Offline setting software

Save settings or transfer them to the GM. Connections can also be made easily via USB or Bluetooth.

Offline setting software


Safe to use in a wide range of temperatures

With operating temperatures of -20 °C to 60 °C, it supports a wide range of applications without concern about the installation environment.

Safe to use in a wide range of temperatures


Monitoring and settings can also be done on a tablet

Supports Bluetooth (optional code /C8)

You can enter settings or monitor from a tablet without ever bringing a PC to the site. Dedicated applications is available for free download. For more information, visit our website.

Enables monitoring via Bluetooth

Bluetooth supports Android only.

Bluetooth supports Android only.

Enables monitoring via Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi supports both Android and iOS.

Wi-Fi supports both Android and iOS


Powerful applications

Bluetooth connection

Simple to use for in-vehicle testing.

Bluetooth connection

USB connection

Service staff can easily perform maintenance on the GM.

USB connection

Provides a variety of convenient networking functions

Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU Communications

GM supports Modbus TCP/IP client and server modes for Ethernet communications and Modbus/RTU master and slave modes for optional serial communications.

Modbus/TCP (Ethernet connection)

Using the Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU functions, you can display and save data from the server and slave devices on the GM.*

* Requires the communication channel (/MC option).

Modbus client/Modbus master

Modbus/RTU (RS-422/485 connection)

Using the Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU functions, you can acquire GM data from upstream devices.

Modbus server/Modbus slave

(You can connect up to 16 Modbus/TCP servers, or up to 32 servers with the GM10-2.)
(You can connect up to 31 Modbus/RTU slaves.)


EtherNet/IP Function (/E1 option)

Using the EtherNet/IP server function, you can access the GX from a PLC or other device to read measurement/computation channels and write to communication input channels (GX10: up to 500ch, GX20-1: up to 300ch, GX20-2: up to 500ch). Communication channel function (/ MC option) is required.

In addition, the following operations required for batch processes can be performed through the PLC using Explicit messages.

Note: Explicit message operation in OMRON PLC has not been confirmed.

EtherNet/IP Function


PROFINET communication (GX90NW Network Module)

By using the GX90NW network module, you can connect the GM as a secondary I/O device via PROFINET. You can access the GM from the PLC or other I/O controller, read measurement/math channels, and write to communication channels*. You can easily perform necessary operations for batch processes from the PLC.

* Communication channel function (/MC option) is required.

Powerful tool for instrument performance evaluation testing (/E2 and /MC options)


Data acquisition on power measuring instruments (/E2 and /MC options)

Acquire precise digital data on the GM by digital communication connectivity to a power measuring instrument (WT series power analyzers) and record it along with the GM's measured data. Since it records a device's power consumption, temperature, and other phenomena at the same time, the GM is ideal for performance evaluation testing.

  • Models that can be connected:
    Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corp.,
    WT1800/WT1800E (command type WT1800), WT500, WT300/WT300E (command mode WT300)
  • Max. no. of connections: 16

Data acquisition on power measuring instruments (/E2 and /MC options)


OPC-UA Server (/E3 option)

Data acquired by the GM can be accessed through Ethernet communication from a host system (OPCUA client). Writing from upstream systems to GM communication channels requires the communication channel function (/MC option).

Data acquisition on power measuring instruments (/E2 and /MC options)


Comes with communication functions that are compatible with the DARWIN data acquisition unit

The GM supports DARWIN communication commands. Use your current DARWIN communication programs as-is on the GM. It's easy to switch from an existing DARWIN unit.

* See your dealer or nearest Yokogawa representative for details.

Comes with communication functions that are compatible with the DARWIN data acquisition unit

CENTUM/STARDOM communication package

  • CENTUM: LFS2432, DARWIN/DAQSTATION Communication package (for ALE111 [Ethernet])
  • STARDOM: NT365AJ DARWIN connection package


FTP-based file transfer

The FTP client/server functions allow you to easily share and manage data from a centralized file server

FTP-based file transfer


E-mail messaging function

The GM can send a variety of informative e-mail messages that include alarm notification reports, periodic instantaneous data values, scheduled report data and other information.

E-mail messaging function


Automatic network setup (DHCP) function

Using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), the GM can automatically acquire the settings it needs (IP address) for network communications from a DHCP server. This makes i6t easier than ever to install the unit on a plant network.

Automatic network setup (DHCP) function


Time synchronization with network time servers

GM uses SNTP protocol in client mode to acquire time information from a network time-server. This function allows any number of GM units within a facility to have precisely synchronized time; all units will record data with coordinated date and time stamp information. In addition, GM can function as a server, providing time data to other SNTP client units on the network.

Time synchronization with network time servers

Rock-solid hardware and highly secure

Be confident that recorded data is saved

Supports long-duration and multichannel recording. Measured data is always stored to internal memory, and data is transferred to external storage media at regular intervals. Redundancy can be achieved by sending data to a server with the FTP client function. Securely saves measured data even in the event of a sudden power loss.

Approximate sample time
Number of recording channels Total sample time
30 Approx. 71 days
100 Approx. 23 days
300 Approx. 7 days

With an internal memory of 1.2 GB and recording interval of 1 sec.

Be confident that recorded data is saved


Select file formats according to your application

For increased security, measured data can be saved in binary format. This format is very difficult to decipher or modify in traditional text editors or other programs. To enable easy and direct opening of the data in text editors or spreadsheet programs, choose text format. This allows you to work with your measurement data without dedicated software.

Select file formats according to your application


Security enhancements

Safely sends and receives customer data.

Security enhancements
SSL: An encryption protocol for data sent over TCP/IP networks.

Key lock

You can use settings to lock the GM10 operation keys in order to avoid accidental start/stop of measurement or computation.

Key lock


Analog front end module

A proprietary A/D converter delivers high speed, high precision data acquisition. (High-speed AI, PID Control module)

Analog front end module

Standards supported

Conforms to various standards such as CSA, UL, CE / EMC Directive / CE / Constant Voltage Directive, European RoHS Directive, WEEE Directive, RCM, KC Mark (Korea)

Standards supported


Strict security measures
Advanced security function option (/ AS) corresponding to strict requirements for data management

SMARTDAC+ GX /GP/GM advanced security function option (/AS) provides safe and traceable data management in applications such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, health management, and medical institutions.
The advanced security function supports the strict requirements of US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU-GMP Annex 11 and other associated guidelines for data management.
It also supports data integrity in accordance with ALCOA+ (Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original, Accurate, Complete, Consistent, Enduring, Available) mentioned in PIC/S, WHO, MHRA and FDA guidance documents.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11

What is "ALCOA +"?
It refers to A: attribution, L: legibility, C: simultaneity, O: originality, A: accuracy, C: completeness, C: consistency, E: Persistence, and A: Availability. ALCOA + is a requirement for data integrity guidelines of PIC / S (Pharmaceutical Testing Contract and Pharmaceutical Testing Joint Scheme), WHO (World Health Organization), MHRA (Pharmaceuticals and Drug Regulatory Authority: UK), and FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


Secure electronic records

Measured data, settings, and operation logs are saved to a single encoded binary file. Encoded data in binary format offers a high level of security because it cannot be opened in most text editors.
If the data files are damaged or tampered with, SMARTDAC+ Standard Universal Viewer software will identify the nonconformity and notify the user accordingly.

Security data file transfer

SMARTDAC+ can automatically transfer data to an FTP server. FTPS, which encrypts data transferred via FTP using SSL, is also supported, allowing data files to be transferred safely.

SSL-based encryption

Electronic signature(data record signing) function

Measurement data can be displayed and confirmed on the GX/GP (only the data in the internal memory) or the SMARTDAC+ Standard Universal Viewer software, and an electronic signature can be applied to that data. Three levels of signature are available: operator, supervisor and quality control. The signature along with information such as pass/fail and comments can be saved to the data for review and audit.

*Electronic signature to the GM is possible only from the SMARTDAC+ Standard Software. Electronic signature cannot be applied through GM's web server.

Sign Record

Logical security

Data integrity requires that the right users have access to the right information.
SMARTDAC+ can create users with various access privileges.

  • Four main security levels (two separate administrator roles, user and monitor user).
  • Up to 200 persons can be registered.
  • Process owners/ system owners can be given access rights to functionality appropriate to their role.
  • For the password, a minimum string length and a minimum policy complexity can be set.
  • Centralized management of user names and passwords using servers on the network is possible through ActiveDirectory.

Logical Security

Audit trail function

The SMARTDAC+ operation log is saved to a file along with measurement data.
When settings are changed, it is possible to record the reason for the change along with the setting change operation. In addition, checking the details of setting changes from "setting difference operation history" makes greatly reduces the data checking work during audits.

Audit trail function


Free dedicated software download

SMARTDAC+ Standard Software is possible to display measurement data, display the operation log, and configure the GX/GP/GM. It is also possible to sign in data using the SMARTDAC+ Standard Universal Viewer.

Universal Viewer software

The Universal Viewer software can display data files in various forms such as waveforms and numeric values. It can display and print not only measurement data but also alarm and message lists and operation logs. With the operation log, a comparison of the settings before the change and those after the change can be displayed, allowing you to check the changes in detail.
It is also possible to sign the data by entering the user name, user ID and password after confirming the measurement data. If the data has already been signed, you can sign at a different level after confirming the signature state on the screen.

Universal viewer

Hardware Configurator software

Hardware Configurator software allows for offline system configuration which can be imported via SD memory or external storage media as well as Ethernet communication. System settings can be printed in a table format to support GX /GP/GM system validation (IQ/OP/PQ).
In addition, a pair of selected setup data files can be compared, and their differences can be displayed and printed in table format.

Offline setting software


Validation documentation

Validation documentation (sold separately) is a validation protocol template that simplifies GX/GP/GM and SMARTDAC+ Standard system validation. The document is provided on the Yokogawa website as an MS Word file for easy editing.*

*The validation and document verification are the customer’s responsibility.


Application Note

Improving manufacturing efficiency demands constant action - from uncovering operational waste to identifying areas for continuous improvement. Namely, we must always pursue a cycle of visualizing, analyzing, and solving energy saving challenges.


The SMARTDAC+ GM is best suited for applications where the voltage of each cell in fuel cells, secondary batteries and electrolyzers is measured.


Controls temperature in, and acquires data from, various internal components of plastic film manufacturing equipment. An easy to use, high cost-performance data acquisition and monitoring system can be assembled by using Ethernet compatible instruments and GA10.


Power monitoring package SMARTDAC+ GM and UPM100 system measures and quantifies the electrical energy consumption for each assembly line.


the VZ20X installed near sensors such as temperature, humidity, and vibration, and enables automatic collection of data via the factory LAN. The data collection, monitoring and management can be automatically and regularly monitored with the data logging software GA10. As a result, it contributes to reducing the workload of workers.


Caustic soda and hydrochloric acid, produced in electrolyzer plants, are fundamental materials used in varieties of industries; chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrol-chemicals, pulp and papers, etc. Profit is the result of the effective production with minimized running / maintenance cost. Proper control of the process brings you stabilized quality of products with the vast operational profit.


Customers want to improve maintenance by predicting failures of existing durable equipment. However, existing equipment do not have enough space, and it is not easy to increase the number of sensors needed to grasp the condition.
To address this issue, the VZ20X’s compact size allows it to be installed between equipment, and data collection can be easily monitored via Ethernet (Modbus/TCP).


Customers want to improve maintenance by predicting failures of existing durable equipment. However, existing equipments do not have enough space, and it is not easy to increase the number of sensors needed to grasp the condition.
To address this issue, the VZ20X’s compact size allows it to be installed between equipments, and data collection can be easily monitored via Ethernet (Modbus/TCP).


The GX20 and GX90UT offer an average value computation function making it ideal for controlling temperature and other fluctuating phenomena. The operating status can be controlled in real time, providing operating cost reductions.


The SMARTDAC+ GM is used extensively for data acquisition in various kinds of conveyance equipment including automobiles, industrial vehicles, in-plant vehicles, ocean shipping vessels, and automated materials handling systems. In addition to being compact and not requiring a PC for data acquisition, the SMARTDAC+ GM can be run under DC power and be operated under harsh conditions (-20° to 60°).


In semiconductor manufacturing processes, a deficient clean room environment can lead to defects and wasted resources, making a strictly controlled clean room indispensable. Maintaining the environment in the clean room requires control of air filters, HVAC systems, room temperature, humidity, airborne particles, and other factors.


Industrial hydrogen fuel cells can be used to produce hydrogen and oxygen from distilled water as well as run in reverse to generate electricity. Fuel cells can also be used in conjunction with intermittent energy sources like solar or wind to provide regulated continuous energy output.


The SMARTDAC+ GM10 is employed by customers who are device manufacturers when they deliver a device to the end user, for on-site monitoring to check that the delivered device is operating stably. If settings are made to the SMARTDAC+ GM10 in the office beforehand, then all that is necessary is to take it to the site and begin data acquisition thus, anyone can conduct on-site data acquisition.

  • For remote monitoring (of temperature, pressure, and flow volume), installing the SMARTDAC+ GM in the plant and the SMARTDAC+ GX in the office provides for a scalable, pc-free on-site data monitoring solution.
  • You can centralize management of large quantities of data by automatically transferring acquired data to a FTP server.

Data acquired on the SMARTDAC+ GM can be easily monitored through the company network, even from remote locations.


In durability testing of engines, revolutions and load control signals are applied and the results are acquired on a recorder. Using the Data Acquisition System SMARTDAC+ GM's PID control module, you can record data while simultaneously applying control signals.

A module directly linked to another module is called a "unit." One GM90PS power supply module is required for each unit. In a multi-unit configuration, one GX90EX I/O expansion module is required per unit. One GM90MB module base is required...
Yes. One unit of the GX60 I/O base unit is functionally equivalent to the following. GM90PS power supply modules: 1 GX90EX I/O expansion modules: 1 GM90MB module bases: 7 However, note that the operating temperature range becomes 0–50&de...
Not on the GM10 itself, but when monitoring from a web browser you can output an alarm sound on the PC speakers. Note that this requires setting the display "Hold/Non-Hold" setting to "Hold" in the Alarm basic settings.
Yes. However, you must not do a ring type connection, or no subunits will be recognized.
Even if the PC has multiple network ports (LAN, Wi-Fi, etc.), the IP address setting software can only find 1 of them. Disable all ports except for the one the GM is connected to (turn the LAN card and Wi-Fi OFF), and then perform the search again. ...
Yes. However, note the firmware version that the GM supports. I/O module: Firmware version R1.04.01 or later I/O expansion module: Firmware version R1.02.01 or later If your module's firmware is older than the above, you must update it to t...
No. Only 1-to-1 connections are supported.
Files consist of "information other than sampled data," and "sampled data." For details on how to calculate these, see appendix 1, "File Size of Event Data and Display Data" in the user's manual (IM04L55B01-01EN). ...
The SD memory card must be formatted according to the standard established by the SD association ( If using a PC to perform the formatting, use the SD card formatter software available from the above SD association. ...
It is possible that the expiration check is failing. In Windows Control Panel, open the Java control panel. On the "Advanced" tab, under "Perform certificate revocation checks on," select the "Do not check" option. ...
Calibration certificates are issued one per input module. The GM10 doesn't have ordering as a single package like the GX/GP.
With all modules other than power supply modules, a module base is required. (a module base is required for both the GM10 data acquisition module and GX90EX I/O expansion module)
Please check the version of the GA10. You can connect the GM10 if the GA10 is version later than R2.01.01. If you have a GA10 of version of R1.01.02 or earlier, you can download an upgrade at the URL below. SMARTDAC+ Microsite ...
No. The favorites are the same for all users.
Yes. Display conditions are saved on a per user basis when the Web application closes.
The following numbers of groups can be registered. GM10-1: 50, GM10-2: 60
When performing DARWIN compatible communications, make the GM10 hardware configuration the same as DARWIN. Set the DARWIN compatible communication server to On.
If you install a digital input module, you can start recording on contact On, and stop on contact Off. You can start/stop recording using communication commands or Modbus communication.
The withstand voltage specification of the GX90XA analog input module type "-L1" is inferior to that of the DARWIN input module DU200. If you require specifications equal to or greater than the DU200, consider the type "-U2." ...
The GM10 does not support GP-IB communications. It comes standard with an Ethernet communication interface, so we recommend connecting to the PC via LAN.
Yes. See the following: GX10/GX20/GP10/GP20/GM10 Paperless Recorder Communication Command User's Manual (IM 04L51B01-17EN).
See the General Specifications: GS 04L55B01-01EN Data Acquisition System GM "Wall Mount Dimensions"
No. Consider the GA10 Data Logging Software. The GA10 can connect with DAQLOGGER. For details, see GA10 General Specifications (GS 04L65B01-01EN) "Connectable Devices and Software". ...
If the GM10 reconfiguration completes successfully, answer-back "E0" is returned.
Yes. Use the hardware configurator software.
It's only Ethernet connection. It doesn't support RS422/485.
From a PC, this is possible using the hardware configurator software. Also, the following app is available for use as an Android terminal. ->GM Mobile Tool ( ...
Yes. However, a firmware upgrade may be necessary depending on the time of purchase.
Yes, users update the firmware themselves. For details, see the firmware download page.
Bluetooth communication is an option. Check that suffix code /C8 is specified. Also, even if the Bluetooth function is ON, you can't perform communications if the GM10's BT lamp is off. If that is the case, turn it ON (operation mode) by hold...
No, you must tighten that screw. If you do not tighten it, external vibration or other factors may result in poor contact or other problems.
No, this is not required. Fasten the screws if you need the bases to be tightly secured.
Hot swapping is not supported. Do not remove a module when the power is ON.
No, ring connections are currently not supported.
If you need file output, please use a DO module.
Hold them down for 3 seconds or more. Having to hold them down prevents accidental starts and stops.
No. The GM10's USB ports are for connecting PCs and other devices.
The M3 x 10 mm is available in stores.
Any number is OK. Check the basic strength without any screws.
Operation under those conditions has not been verified. Please do not attempt this as it may result in malfunction.
Use the connector cover that comes with the power supply unit (GM90PS).
Yes. Please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the GM10.
The number of GM10 Modbus clients that can connect to a server is: GM10-1 (std.): Up to 16 GM10-2 (large memory): Up to 32
The maximum number of simultaneous GM10 Modbus server connections is 4.
You can use the DARWIN Compatible Communication function. You must configure your SMARTDAC+ GM the same as DARWIN. For available commands, see section 1.6.25, “DARWIN Compatible Communication” in user's manual IM 04L55B01-01EN. ...
Yes, this is possible. Install the dedicated program, Mobile WEB Application for GX/GP/GM on the external media SD card. Connect the GM10 and the Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable. Wi-Fi supports both Android and iOS. Mobile WEB Application for GX/...
The alarm is only enabled when you set Display = Hold in the Alarm basic settings. For details, see section 3.1.3, “Changing the Display Settings on the Browser” in user's manual IM 04L55B01-01EN. ...
Check the IP address of the GM10 and the PC. The network area of each must match.
No. You can use an STP cable of CAT5 or higher. The maximum distance between units is 100 m. You can use either a straight or cross cable.
Yes, add suffix code /W (for 920 MHz wireless communication) to the GM90PS power supply module.
Yes. See section 2.5, > Disabling the advanced security function> in user's manual IM 04L55B01-05EN. Operate it from the web browser's Adjustment tab. ...
It depends on the PC you are using, but you may be able to prevent the message from appearing by adding the URL of the recorder to "Trusted sites" in Windows Explorer. 1) On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, select Internet Options > Se...
The initially displayed device is the one connected previously. Receive settings, or manually correct the system settings.
There is a duplicate unit number. Use the dip switches of the expansion modules connected to each unit to ensure that the unit numbers do not overlap. For information on setting dip switches, see “Setting Up the GX90EX Expansion Module" i...
This may be due to Windows Explorer's specification. This only happens while FTP is in use, and the time stamp will be correct after download the file. Also, right click - property on the file shows correct time and date. Reference: <Timestam...
On the GM10, the main module's 7 segment LED displays the contents of errors. When E5 and 03 alternate, this means error code E503, indicating that that the SD card was not recognized. For corrective action, see section 5.2, >Troubleshooting&g...
Approximately 1 km. We recommend confirming this in the site where it will be used.
Yes. If you set “Detection type" to “Channel," it will send it when an alarm occurs on the target channel. If you set it to “Alarm level," it sends it when alarms occur at the level set as the target of the channel. F...
When the Media FIFO function is ON: Up to 1000. When the Media FIFO function is OFF: No limit. * Media FIFO function: During Auto Save, if there is no available space on media, the oldest files are overwritten by the newest ones. ...
Any printers that support the HP-PCL5* printer language can be used. We have already confirmed the operation with the following 7 models.   HP: OfficeJet Pro 8210 HP:M451dn OKI:C332dnw OKI:C531dn KYOCERA:Ecosys P5026cdw KYOCERA:FS-C5250D...
Approximately 5400 days. A quick calculation with 12 bytes/ch (display data) and time data 16 bytes/sample is as follows: 12 × 4 + 16 = 64 bytes 1000 M/64 = 15.6 M times 15.6 M × 30 sec Approx. 5400 days ...
Yes, using an event action.
Yes. You can access the main unit via FTP, output a list of files and folders on the unit's external memory medium (SD memory card), and transfer, delete, or perform other operations on those files. *For access from a web browser, enter "ftp...
The following files can be displayed. Display data files Event data files TLOG data files Report data files (including hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, batch, custom daily, user) Manual sample data files Note, it can also load and display fil...
In addition to the GX/GP series, the Universal viewer can display files created on existing models (the DX, DXP, CX, and MV series). It also supports display and signing (electronic signatures) of files from Part 11-compliant models. For details, se...
Yes. They are available as accessories. 10 Ω (model 438922), 100 Ω (model 438921), and 250 Ω (model 438920) are available. For inquiries about purchases, contact us at the following. Purchase inquiries ...
Yes. For inquiries about purchases, contact us at the following. Purchase inquiries
For inquiries about purchases, contact us at the following. Purchase inquiries
Turn OFF the media FIFO function. If the media FIFO function is ON, files older than the 1000th-oldest file are automatically deleted.
Yes. The main unit detects whether measured data was saved to the SD card. If automatic saving to the SD card is turned ON, any unsaved measured data is saved when you reinsert the SD card.
If you only want to read data via Modbus/TCP, you do not need an option. However to write data you will need the communication channel option (suffix code: /MC).
Compared to the electromagnetic relay scanner type, the semiconductor relay scanner type (suffix code /U2) has high resistance, and although it may be affected by noisy environments, it can be used semipermanently at high speeds. Compared to the semi...
Yes. With the Event/Action function, you can set an action to "Switch display group" or "Display favorite screen" and set the event to an alarm or a remote signal.
If the channel's range is DI, you can use a character string for the screen display.
Yes, the MATH option supports Tetens' formula. You can calculate the saturated water vapor pressure while measuring the temperature.
Snapshots are saved in PNG format.
We have validated operation using 8 GB and 16 GB cards. Please see the SD memory cards that have been validated. List of Verified SD Memory Cards (SD Cards) ...
The POODLE attack (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) which abused the vulnerability of SSLv3 protocol has become a recent topic. Since the SSL communication has been supported from the release number 2 of SMARTDAC+ series, the following...
Yes. In the following configuration, it would be functionally equivalent to one GX60 I/O base unit. GM90PS power supply module: 1 GX90EX I/O expansion module: 1 GM90MB module base: 7  
Yes. The SMARTDAC+ GX/GP/GM can perform Modbus communications with up to 4 sequencers.
When a report file is created, or when recording stops.
You can download these items from the Partner Portal member site *Log-in Required. You must register (free) to use Partner Portal.
You can read data via SLMP communications. Set up the data registers and other communication conditions on the GX. For details, see user's manual IM 04L51B01-21EN. ...
Yes, they are: display data files (*.GDS、*.GSD), event data files (*.GEV、*.GSE), report data files (*.GRE), and manual sample data files (*.GMN). For details, see user's manual IM 04L61B01-01EN. ...
Install the 32-bit version of Java Runtime even if you're using Windows 64-bit (even 64-bit Windows comes standard with Internet Explorer 32-bit). If you install Java Runtime 32-bit and waveforms and other items do not display correctly, you may ...
E011 appears when the version of Hardware Configurator is old, or does not support the main unit's firmware version. Check the version, and if old, upgrade it. You can download the latest version of the software on the Help tab under “Web t...
It rounds to one digit lower than the display digit. In this example, 0.74 is rounded to 0.7.
This is an example with a report file type of “hourly + daily.” If the file to create is “combine,” you need the “hourly + daily” template. If it is “separate,” you need separate “hourly” an...
The following types, which have a built-in Ethernet interface. iQ-R series: RnCPU, RnENCPU Q series: QnUDVCPU, QnUDE(H)CPU, QnUDPVCPU L series: L02CPU(-P), L06CPU(-P), L26CPU(-P), L26CPU(-P)BT Note that the Communication channel function (/MC ...
Yes. To configure display group settings, on the View menu, click Display Group Setting. Or, click the Display Group Setting button. Use Scale (max, min) to zoom the scale in or out. For details, see section 3.1.2, “Setting Display Group Detail...
When writing I/O channel data using SLMP communications, specify channels within the same module for the first and last channels of the SLMP communication command. When writing data from multiple modules, use different command numbers for each module...
The RS-232 connector screws are imperial. The D-Sub 9-pin connector on the main unit side is male.
No. Alarm levels 1-4 are settings for alarm type (upper limit, lower limit, etc.), alarm value, and other parameters. You can set alarm levels 1-4 independently.
SLMP communication errors appearing in yellow are all error code responses from the PLC side. ERROR 4031 is a “CPU device specification” error. Check whether the specified device is within the range. Note that SLMP device start numbers ar...
When both tag text and numbers are set, the tag numbers get precedence. To display the tag text, you'll need to delete the tag numbers.
You can access it from the Help menu in the report template builder.
Three items are required: ・The MATH option (/MT) on the GX/GP ・A printer that supports the HP PCL5c language, and that can print on Port 9100 over a LAN. ・The free report template builder, available for download *Log-in Required ...
For the analog input module's universal method, ±50 VDC, and for the high speed universal method, ±100 VDC.
The GX90XD digital input module is pulled up to approximately 5 VDC/1 kΩ. THe GX90XP pulse input module is pulled up to approximately 5 VDC/5 kΩ. See "Installation and Wiring" in "First Step Guide" (IM 04L51B01-02EN). ...
Yes. Under File > Print settings, set Waveform print settings to Multiple pages, then you can change the grid (waveform printing grid) spacing along the time axis. When Waveform print settings are set to "1 page," the waveform printing g...
Yes. When you install the report template builder, a Sample Template folder is created in the installation directory. Please see the files in that folder. Ex.) Windows 7 32-bit: C:¥Program Files¥Yokogawa Electric Corporation¥SMARTDAC+ Re...
A simulator function is included with the report template builder software. For instructions, see the user's manual in the Help menu.
Yes. In SMARTDAC+ Standard Universal Viewer, select Convert > Convert data, and specify a number of “Steps.” Ex.) To filter data recorded every second and output only the data recorded every minute, specify 60 steps.
Yes. You can use SMARTDAC+ Standard Universal Viewer to convert it to Microsoft Excel format. To convert to Excel format, in Universal Viewer, on the “Convert” menu, click “Data to”. SMARTDAC+ Standard Universal Viewer *Log-...
DI1-DI8 are channel numbers 01-08, and D01-D06 are channel numbers 09-14.
Data being recorded is saved at the gradually adjusted time. The time of data that are already files are not corrected.
The smallest displayed digit is rounded according to the digit to its right.
As long as the unit is not in the middle of writing to the SD memory card, you can eject the card with no problem, even during recording. Data being recorded while the SD memory card is not inserted is saved to the recorder’s internal memory. ...
Category classifications differ depending on the suffix codes. If neither the MATH nor custom display is added, it's category 3. If either the MATH or the custom display is added, it’s category 5.
That kind of thing can happen If you set the input range on an unwired channel to TC or DC voltage (1 V or less, when open between input terminals). Set the range of unwired channels to “Skip," or short between terminals.
Yes, on the menu, select Display > Channel name, and then select "Tag No." or "Tag Comment."
You can connect and display files that were divided due to such things as the recorder's auto save or a power failure. However, files that were manually stopped cannot be connected and displayed.
No, but GTD and GTE files are in text format, so you can open them in a text editor.
Yes, with one of the following two methods. ・The Link All File function connects the connectable files in the folder of the currently open file. Place only the data that you want to connect in a separate folder, and then connect. ・In the "Search...
Yes. On version R3.01.01 or later, there is a waveform superimpose function. For operating instructions and other information, see the user’s manual. SMARTDAC+ Standard Universal Viewer user’s manual ...
The web application uses Java to display trends and other monitors. Trends and other monitors cannot be displayed correctly in some network environments (see the figure below), but this can be corrected by changing the settings shown below. Note that...
When launching the web application, the certificate used for the application's digital signature is automatically checked for expiration. If it's taking several minutes, it is possible that the expiration check is failing, regardless of wheth...
On Windows 10, the file association for WAV files is not Windows Media Player. Use the following procedure to change the file association to Windows Media Player. Setting > System Default apps > Choose default apps by file type ...
See “[Support Information] List of Verified SD Memory Cards (SD Cards).”
For instruments that support RoHS 10 restricted substances, see GS 04A01A01-02EN. For instruments that support RoHS 6 restricted substances, see GS 04A01A01-00EN. ...




Smart user interface, smart architecture, and smart functionality is achieved in the Yokogawa SMARTDAC+ data acquisition and control product series. SMARTDAC+ consists of the GX and GP touch screen data acquisition stations and the most recent addition – the GM data acquisition and data logging system which is both compact and modular.


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