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Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Direct Drive Motors

Direct Drive Motors

- For more information, please contact our support center.

Dear Customers,

3rd, Dec, 2013
The Announcement
Regarding Customer Support after Business Transfer.

Regarding motion-related products that are transferred from Yokogawa Electric Co. to Yaskawa Electric Co., the latter will look after both Yaskawa products and Yokogawa products.
There are, however, some products that are not transferred, and will be obsoleted in 31st March 2014. Products that are not been transferred to Yaskawa are as followed;
  Discontinued Product
  -    Dynaserv with Mechanical Break
-    All types of Linearserv
-    DD Stage.

The above products will be looked after by Yokogawa`s customer support center, which will be established within Yaskawa Solution Centre as a separate entity.
1. Support Centre: within Yaskawa Electric Co. Solution Centre
TEL: +81 (0)4-2963-4689
FAX: +81 (0)4-2962-7453
2. Starting from: 6th, Jan, 2014.
3. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, between 9:00~17:00 Japanese Time.

Yokogawa sincerely apologize any inconvenience this may cause to customers and business partners.

Best regards,
Shigetoshi Ito
Head of Motion Control Center
Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Support Center - Opens on action on January 6, 2014

Contacting point regarding Yokogawa DDM product will change as it is indicated below.
The change will be affective from 6th, January, 2014.

1. Direct Drive Motor (Rotary type);
  YASKAWA Electric Corporation
  TEL: +81-4-2962-7304
FAX: +81-4-2962-7449
2. Direct Drive Motor (Linear type, Surface type) other;
  Support Center for the Yokogawa products
Solution Center, YASKAWA Electric Corporation
480 Kamifujisawa, Iruma, Saitama 358-8555, Japan
  TEL: +81-4-2963-4689
FAX: +81-4-2962-7453
Office Hours: 09:00-17:00 (Monday to Friday, except nonbusiness day)

Discontinued Products

Information regarding the discontinued products is listed in links indicated below.

Product Documents

Documents related to DDM products are free to download from here.

Support Tool for DrvGIII & DrvPIII
   DrvX3 Support Tool installer for English/Chinese/Japanese Windows
   - Download: R1.05.07b (16MB) March 13, 2013
     Note; The tool doesn't support 64bit version.
              If an error occurs in the setup process, please refer to the following instruction.
Support Tool for DrvMII (DISCONTINUED)
   DrvMII utility software for Windows: KC602A (3.2MB) March 13, 2013
     Note; The tool doesn't support Windows Vista or later version.
Support Tool for DrvGII (DISCONTINUED)
   DrvGII utility software for Windows: KC604A (3.2MB) March 13, 2013
     Note; The tool doesn't support Windows Vista or later version.

CAD Data Library

Download service of Yokogawa DDM had been terminated by September 30, 2013. We appreciate your kind support for our partner's download service.

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