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Direct Drive Motors

Direct Drive Motors


Date: January 5, 2016

Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Motion Control Center

Announcement of Closure of Customer Service Center and End of Support of Yokogawa brand Direct Drive Motor (DDM) products

Thank you very much for choosing us for your business.

Notice that we will end a support of the following Yokogawa brand DDM products on March 31, 2016.

As noticed in August, 2013, we had announced to close our DDM business and almost all the DYNASERV rotary type motors w/o mechanical break inclusive of support of the existing models had been transferred to Yaskawa Electric Corporation (hereinafter “Yaskawa”) successfully by the end of 2013. And then we had specified a date of end of sale of Yokogawa brand DDM products which are not transferred to Yaskawa such LINEARSERV, made final shipment and supported such products we shipped.

We are very sorry to inform you that we will end our support on March 31, 2016 because of shortage of stock parts or difficulty of procuring new parts, though we noticed on the Website that support period will end on March 31, 2016 and we notified some customers that we will support until July 30, 2016.

We would highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Again we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous business and support.

1. Covered products which we end our support
Yokogawa brand DDM products

  • A part of DYNAERV, LINEARSERV, Micro stage (X-Y-θ stage)
  • Models:
    • DM□□.-D, DR□□.-D (rotary type motor with mechanical break)
    • LM□□ (all models of linear motor)
    • UR□□-/BK (driver for the rotary type motor with mechanical break)
    • UD□□.., UM... (all models of motor driver)
    • DDSTAGE□□. (all models)
    • Related accessories
  • Last date of acceptance for repair:   March 31, 2016
  • Please contact "Yokogawa DDM customer support"in any inquiry/parts quotes.

2. Covered products which Yaskawa continue to sell and support

  • Models:
    • DM..., DR..., DB... (rotary type motor w/o mechanical break)
    • UD□□□3..., UR□□□3...,UB□□□3... (all models of motor driver)
    • Related accesspries
    • Repair service & supports for the existing models
  • Please contact Yaskawa Electric Corporation web site.

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