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Exaquantum/SER (Sequence of Events Recorder)

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The Problem
Unplanned incidents and equipment trips have the potential to cause equipment damage, reductions in production rate and quality, fire, environmental damage and loss of life.

The Solution
Exaquantum/SER (Sequence of Events Recorder) is an event driven reporting system that automatically collects and stores all alarm and event messages along with associated process data. The collected data is available for display and analysis via the Exaquantum/SER web user interface, which can assist users in performing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and trip reduction to lower or remove the possibility of future recurrence.

Exaquantum/SER Home Page


  - Integrated view of alarm and event messages provides users with visibility across the site for improved analysis
  - Increases user efficiency when performing RCAs and trip analysis
  - Allows past incidents to be further analyzed to look for failure patterns
  - Regulatory compliance is supported by the availability
of a detailed audit trail

Key Features

  - Intuitive web user interface providing access to a centralized database of alarm and event messages
  - At-a-glance overview of the latest events and trips
  - Users can see the details surrounding trip occurrences
  - Reports can be produced on demand or scheduled and emailed at regular intervals
  - Exaquantum/SER data can be exported to a CSV file for use in external applications, such as Excel

Exaquantum/SER, hereafter referred to as ‘SER’, continuously collects and stores alarm and event messages and process data from all appropriate plant systems.

Users can configure trip conditions so when an event occurs that meets the condition, a trip is created for later analysis. All alarms, events and relevant process data for a given period of time before and after the trip is recorded, aiding users in determining the cause(s) and knock-on effects of each trip.

In addition, SER acts as a sequence of events recorder (SOE) providing an integrated view of all the alarm and events for performing and RCA.

Web User Interface
Client access to SER is provided via an intuitive web user interface, eliminating the need for specific client software. A central navigation area provides links to each of the reports, localization options and other Exaquantum products.

The web user interface is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10, with security provided through Windows local and domain user groups.

The SER user interface can be seamlessly switched between installed languages. SER is provided with US English by default with support for additional languages on request – please contact a local Yokogawa office for more information.

Exaquantum/SER Trips Page

Trip Detection
If trip detection is required, trip conditions are configured in SER’s Trip Detection Configuration Tool, grouped by event source and category. Each trip condition will have:

  - A unique name and description
  - One or more trip event conditions including optional process data
  - Pre-trip and post-trip detection event time spans, such as 120 minutes before the trip detection and 60 minutes following the trip detection for which all events and process data will be recorded

As events are received, each is compared against the configured trip conditions. If an event occurs that matches a configured trip condition, a trip will be created and the trip monitor will begin copying events and process data surrounding the trip into a dedicated secure area. Trip conditions can be optionally set to prevent more than one active trip at a time from occurring.

Exaquantum/SER Trip Details Page

The SER web user interface enables users to create both Sequence of Event (SOE) and trip reports. The reports are highly customizable through the use of filters. The reports can be printed or exported to CSV files for use in external applications. Report filter definitions can also be saved and reused, saving users time when running commonly used queries.

Storage of Messgages and Process Data in a single Integrated Database
All alarm and event messages and process data from various sources can be stored in the SER database.

For trips, alarm and event messages and trip configured process data is also copied into a secure area of the database for long term storage, which is used for web based trip analysis and reports.

Integration with Multiple Monitoring and Control Data Systems
SER can collect and integrate alarm and event messages with process data from site monitoring and control systems, providing users with a more detailed picture of overall plant activity.

Data Archiving and Retrieval
SER includes a tool for managing the way historical data is accumulated and archived on backup devices. Archived data may later be restored for access by users.

Data Catch-up
Yokogawa has uniquely extended the Exaopc (Yokogawa’s OPC Server) implementation of OPC HDA to include Historical Alarms and Events (HAE). This allows Exaopc to automatically buffer all alarm and event messages and process data that is received by Exaopc when SER is not operational.

Once the connection has been restored, alarm and event messages and process data collected by Exaopc will be automatically passed to SER, allowing missing trips to be recognized.

OPC Interfaces
Exaquantum/SER receives data from OPC compliant data sources meeting the following standards:

  - Data Access – OPC DA 2.05a
  - Alarms and Events Access – OPC A&E 1.1
  - Historical Data Access – OPC HDA 1.2

Key products data providers include:

  - Yokogawa’s OPC server ‘Exaopc’ for μXL, CENTUM-XL, CENTUM CS, CENTUM CS 1000, CENTUM CS 3000 and CENTUM VP
  - Yokogawa’s Stardom, FAST/TOOLS, ProSafe-RS and ProSafe MULCOM

SER captures and stores alarm and event timestamps with a time resolution of 1 millisecond.

Alarms and events and process data received from non-Yokogawa OPC servers can be connected to Exaquantum/SER if they meet the OPC standards specified above.

Additionally, Yokogawa can supply custom Exaopc interfaces to provide missing capabilities such as OPC HDA for equipment supporting only OPC DA. An Exaopc interface is also available to convert OPC DA to OPC A&E.

Exaquantum/SER Sequence of Events Page