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Exaquantum/SER (Sequence of Events Recorder)

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The Problem
Unplanned incidents and equipment trips have the potential to cause equipment, fire and environmental damage, reductions in production rate and quality and in the worst case loss of life.

The Solution
Exaquantum/SER (Sequence of Events Recorder) provides a centralized interface for users to access and analyze alarms & events and process data from a wide range of underlying systems. This data forms the basis for Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and trip analysis to lower or remove the possibility of future recurrences.

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  - Integrated view of alarm and event messages provides users with visibility across the site for improved analysis
  - Increases user efficiency when performing RCAs and trip analysis
  - Allows past incidents to be further analyzed for failure patterns
  - Regulatory compliance is supported by the availability of a detailed audit trail

Key Features

  - Intuitive web user interface providing access to a centralized database of alarm and event messages
  - At-a-glance overview of the latest events and trips
  - Users can see the details surrounding trip occurrences
  - Data can be exported to a .csv file for use in external applications, such as Microsoft Excel
  - Dashboard entry screen immediately highlighting areas of concern
  - Access to custom filters via shortcut links

- SER R3.01 General Specification (PDF)
- SER R3.01 Presentation (PDF)