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Permit to Work is your front-line documented method of keeping people safe whilst undertaking any form of work that needs to be controlled in potentially hazardous environments. It represents the combination of formal risk identification, isolation, management & control, communication, and authorisation which forms a key component of an integrated safe system of work (ISSOW) for efficient Digital Control of Work.

Permit to Work has historically always been paper-based systems with multiple forms for each task that needs to be performed. However, in the age of digitisation, software and mobile solutions offer digital permit to work system software to control the risks, ensure worker safety and significantly increase efficiencies.

Permit to Work Challenges

Some Paper System Disadvantages

  • Variable and inconsistent risk assessments
  • Limited options for efficiency improvements
  • No chance of linking to MMS (Maintenance Management Systems)
  • Lack of languages for multilingual workforce
  • Batch issue that can lead to work permits being issued out of order
On-site Safety Workers

Our Solutions

A new Intuitive Gateway to Safer Digital Control of Work

Layers of Safety for Efficient Digital Control of Work

What does Yokogawa RAP Permit to Work offer?

As well as a system that ticks all the boxes, the most effective Permit to Work system needs to engage the workforce and keep them focused on the important issues that keep people safe. That system is RAP4.

  • RAP PtW has been recognised as a leader in digital permit to work.
  • The solution is a comprehensive and easy to use electronic Risk Assessment and Permit to Work System.
  • Its unique, intelligent icon-based design ensures that all rules and controls are easily applied, and its wide range of configurations will adapt to any workflow.
  • Integration with CMMS
Worker carrying out Plant Safety Audit


Some Benefits of Yokogawa’s Digital Permit to Work System

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Cost Benefits from greater efficiencies
  • Links to Maintenance Management Systems for enhanced planning and preparation
  • Enhanced Communications across all workers with mobile technology
  • Quickly close the loop on corrective actions from lessons learnt
  • Overall Improved Safety Culture

Enabling Technology

Yokogawa RAP PtW is part of the RAP4 Control of Work software suite.

Placing Proven Intelligent Safety at the Forefront of Digital Control of Work for over 25 Years.

A Smart System of simple, clear, intuitive modules, with the intelligence to assure complete Control of Work audit compliance and drive Continuous Safety Improvement.

Yokogawa Digital Control of Work Triangle



The RAP System and Cortex

Permit to Work RAP Isolations RAP Risk Assessment RAP Management of Change RAP PR-IOR-ity RAP Mobile
RAP Audit RAP GIS RAP Reporting RAP Turnaround RAP Utilities and Infrastructure RAP Noise Mapping



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