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Exceeding your project objectives and ensuring the right people are on board. 

People make projects. The way in which we need to connect people together to be a high-performance team over a relatively short period of time is the most challenging part of project management. Also, certain skills are more essential to the project manager than the ability to lead, inspire, and manage people effectively. By successfully managing relationship dynamics and enhancing communication among stakeholders, a project manager can contribute greatly to the success of your project. A skilled, professional functioning team is always one of the main attributes of successful projects.

Project Managers at Yokogawa

The role of a project manager is more than most people think. They act as communicators, managers, reporters, decision makers, risk mitigators, and negotiators etc. Yokogawa project managers are experienced, knowledgeable and accentuate team engagement and close collaboration.


Meet our Team

As new projects start, expectations among stakeholders are high because everything is new and fresh. Therefore, it is important to keep the customer enthusiastic about the project. Meet our team members below and discover how they contribute to successful project cultures. Discover what project management means to our team.

Raymond van Marsbergen
Operations Director

“To be Predictable, Reliable, Capable, we continuous invest in the development of the skills and competences of our project managers.”

Ruben van Wiefferen
Project Manager 

“Project Management is more than only managing a schedule. Controlling time management, analyzing and managing project risks, and monitoring progress are a number of activities out of many more.”

Onno Boersma
Project Manager 

“Project management is about organizing the optimum of what Yokogawa has to offer for its customers. It is about facilitating mutual trust to develop within the team, allowing disagreement to be overcome.”

Herwig van Geenhoven
Project Manager

“All the good things of a B2B Project Management come together at Yokogawa: clarifying client goals, discussing the best way to meet them, working a baseline, creating team spirit, enabling engineers to excel, separating main from secondary issues, making tough decisions, celebrating milestones. When everybody is satisfied with the result, we push the replay button.”

Hans Vermeer
Project Manager 

“Being a Project manager with 30 years of working experience of delivering projects in the industry, I focus on the sales and execution stages and getting the project team to perform the job in hand with a keen eye on the human factors and the dynamics between the stakeholders.”

Jan van Ee
Project Manager  

“In project management a project is described as a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. To create, with a group of people with different backgrounds, all with the same goal in mind. The bigger the challenge, the higher the satisfaction.”

Harrie Bruinenberg
Account Manager Projects 

“Making the right choices in instrumentation and automation in the first stage is vital. Being an expert in instrumentation and automation, we have the ambition to be an innovation partner for our customers.”

Maarten Jonk
Sales Engineer 

“I’m passionate about finding the best suited technical solution based on the needs of the customer for a decent price.”


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