Consumables - Pens and papers

Consumables - Pens and papers

Chart Paper

Product For Model Types
B9565AW uR/SR1000/SR10000
B9573AN uR1800/uR20000
B9538RN uR250
B9538RN-01 uR250
B9627AY DR230/240
B9627RY DR230/240
B9585AH LR12000E
B9619AH  LR4100/4200


Product For Model Types
B9902AM    uR1000/1800/SR1000/uR10000/uR20000/SR10000
B9902AN uR1000/1800/SR1000/uR10000/uR20000/SR10000
B9902AP  uR1000/1800/SR1000/uR10000/uR20000/SR10000
B9902AQ uR1000/1800/SR1000/uR10000/uR20000/SR10000
B9902AR uR1000/1800/SR1000/uR10000/uR20000/SR10000
9565APB uR250
B9565AQ uR250
B9565AR uR250
B9565AS uR250
B9586YA LR4100/4200/8100
B9586YB LR4100/4200/8100
9586YCB LR4100/4200/8100
9586YDB LR4100/4200/8100
B9586YE LR4100/4200/8100
B9586YF LR4100/4200/8100
B9586YG LR4100/4200/8100
B9586YH LR4100/4200/8100
B9586YR LR4100/4200/8100
B9586YS LR4100/4200/8100
B9586YT LR4100/4200/8100



Product For Model Types
B9901AX uR1000/uR10000/SR10000
B9906JA uR1800/uR20000
B9627AZ   DR130/230/240


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