Renewables SCRUM team

Sustainable co-innovation
The climate is changing and the world is facing the challenge of shifting towards renewable energy. By co-innovating with new and existing partners we commit to using Yokogawa's strengths and technology to achieve net-zero emissions. For example, by reducing CO2 emissions with the help of renewable- & low-carbon energy and LNG solutions.

Introduction of Renewables Squad 
The key mission of Yokogawa is to lay the foundation for a sustainable future. To achieve this, we will deploy our ingenuity and creativity, in combination with our portfolio of solutions and developments in an Agile way. Therefore we started a squad team with a focus on exploring a sustainable future by renewables. With the use of renewable energy sources, we can reduce CO2 emissions for our customers and take both society and industry closer to the goal of achieving sustainability. Because we want to keep pace in an ever faster changing world. And we recognize the urgency to shift gears to mobilize the creativity and ingenuity of our people.


The challenge of energy transition
Product owner Patrick van Vreeswijk: ‘To achieve this, the Renewables squad looks at the energy transition. In the whole energy transition the availability of renewable sources is an important fact as well as seasonal energy demand patterns. This creates the challenge to store the generated energy which is not used. It can be done multiple ways. You can use batteries, but you can also transfer it into molecules as energy carriers. Hydrogen and Formic Acid can become future low emission fuels which will replace for example diesel engines and generators!’

Wind meets gas
Also, we joined North Sea Energy (NSE); an industry driven innovation program which connects the wind sector and the gas industry. The key objective is to reuse the available offshore infrastructure in the transition to renewable energy. In this program we work with parties as TNO, Gasunie and Shell. And there are also more programs in which we participate, such as the Hydrohub MegaWatt Test Centre research project where optimized waterelectrolyzers produce hydrogen with renewable energy. With these valuable new expert networks, we strive to develop new ways for our clients to make use of Renewable Energy. 

More information on exploring a sustainable future
If you have questions or good ideas related to the energy transition, please reach out to us.

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