Single-Cell Analysis Solutions Single Cellome™

Nano-point Delivery

Single Cellome Unit SU10 enables selective delivery into the nucleus and cytoplasm of targeted cells under a microscope.
Using a glass pipette (nanopipette) tip with a diameter of several tens of nanometers minimizes damage to cells.
The Single Cellome Unit SU10 can deliver various substances at high speed and efficiency by automating cell surface detection, puncture, and injection operations.



Subcellular Sampling

The Single Cellome System SS2000 can automatically sample intracellular components and whole cells under a confocal microscope.
Since cells in culture do not need to be detached, it is possible to sample while maintaining positional and morphological information.
This sampling system combines high content analysis functions such as high-speed, high-resolution image acquisition and imaging analysis.



  • Nano-point Delivery / Nano-point Sampling SU10

    This system component automates the penetration and injection of single cells using a nanopipette. Its low invasiveness enables the manipulation of live single cells. The system integrates with multiple manufacturers' inverted microscopes.

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  • Single Cellome™ System 2000

    The Single Cellome™ System 2000 is a system that automatically samples specific regions of cells or whole cells at the single-cell level while imaging cells in culture with a confocal microscope. Because cells in culture do not need to be detached, positional and morphological information is maintained.

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The SU10 is a novel technology that can deliver target substances into cells (nucleus or cytoplasm) by using a "nano" pipette made of glass capillary with an outer tip diameter of just tens of nanometers.


This application note will introduce the features of the SU10 and provide examples demonstrating the delivery of genome editing tools (Cas9 RNP) using the technology.




YOKOGAWA will contribute to technology evolution particularly in measurement and analytical tools to help build a world where researchers will increasingly focus on insightful interpretation of data, and advancing Life Science to benefit humanity.

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