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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Plant Asset Management

Plant Resource Manager, PRM

PRM employs FOUNDATION™ fieldbus technology to transform maintenance from manual work mainly done on site into information technology-based device management that can be performed remotely and automatically. With FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, PRM can acquire information such as the device ID, device parameters, and self-diagnostics information, in addition to measured data. This wealth of information is used for administration and supervision of assets such as field devices, and also for remote automated inspections.

PRM transforms the style of maintenance from manual work mainly done on site, into IT-based automated device management.


FieldMate is a PC based device configuration tool that enables engineers and technicians to manage intelligent field devices from initial setup through daily maintenance, troubleshooting, and device replacement. Developed with “one tool for all” concept, FieldMate supports multi-vendor devices and multi-communication protocols -- FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, HART, and PROFIBUS among others.