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Discontinued Products: User's Manuals

A list of User's Manuals of discontinued Products

Note: The Terms of Use shall be accepted before downloading or using manuals.

The user manuals available on this website are for reference purposes only and are not intended to replace the manuals provided with our products. Only the latest editions are available on this website. Therefore, the description of the product features or specifications in these documents may differ from that given in previous editions.
Note: Please use a supplement when listed.
Title Document No. Supplement
Models SE100MJ/NJ and SE200MJ/NJ Integral Type Magnetic Flowmeter IM01E10B00-01EN
PDF (8.56MB)
Model SE14 Magnetic Flow Converter IM01E10C01-00EN
PDF (7.89MB)
Models SE100DJ/EJ, SE200DJ/EJ and SE300DJ/EJ Magnetic Flow Tube IM01E10D00-01EN
PDF (3.13MB)
Note: Please use a supplement when listed.
Title Document No. Supplement
Model UYF200, UYFA21 Ultrasonic Vortex Flowmeters (Style Code:S2) IM01F05B02-01E
PDF (906KB)
Title Document No. Supplement
VP200 Current-to-Pneumatic Positioner [Style : S3] IM21B03C01-01E
PDF (1.65MB)

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ADMAG AXR Two-wire Magnetic Flowmeters

ADMAG AXR Two-wire Magnetic FlowmetersEnhanced Version of ADMAG AXR Series Two-wire Magnetic Flowmeters
[Release of explosion-proof models for sizes 150mm and 200mm, SIL2 certification, HART 7 support, Accuracy improvement for explosion-proof models]


ROTAMASS LR Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

ROTAMASS LR Coriolis Mass FlowmetersThe world's smallest dual bent tube Coriolis Mass Flowmeter


DPharp EJA-E Series Differential Pressure and Pressure Transmitter

DPharp EJA-E SeriesThe powerful line-up of DPharp digital family is launched.
Visit our new DPharp Microsite!


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  • FieldMate | Asset Management


DPharp Microsite

DPharp MicrositeThe highlights of DPharp unique technologies that provides superior performance, stability and reliability in your measurement.


ADMAG Microsite

ADMAG MicrositeThe highlights of ADMAG series attractive features and specifications that promise you to measure the severe flow stably.


The world's first ISA100.11a field wireless products

The world's first ISA100.11a field wireless products- EJX B Series Differential Pressure/Pressure Transmitters
- YTA510 Temperature Transmitter
- YFGW710 Integrated Gateway

Asset Management

FieldMate Versatile Device Management Wizard

FieldMate Versatile Device Management WizardFieldMate is a PC based configuration tool that performs numerous tasks, including initial setup, daily maintenance, troubleshooting, and configuration backup for device replacement.

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