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Life Cycle Assessment Result Life Cycle Assessment Result pdf

* Assessed based on the sample system of total 510 I/O
(AI, AO, DI, and DO) points between ProSafe-RS and ProSafe-PLC.

World's First Truly Integrated Safety Controller

Yokogawa puts an end to DCS-SIS incompatibility with the ProSafe-RS, the world’s first truly integrated "safety PLC" for the process industries. Achieving absolute integrity between distributed control system (DCS) and safety instrumented system (SIS) for plant automation has traditionally raised complex design and integration issues. Conventionally, two separate monitoring and operating environments were required for a DCS and SIS.  Different communications and distinctive hardware architectures had to be set up.  Plant managers striving to optimize process operations have taken it as a given that project time and expenses would escalate.

ProSafe-RS R4.01 adopts the same architecture as CENTUM VP R6 to improve the engineering environment. This version features an exciting expansion of I/O lineup. In addition, the FieldMate™ Validator software has been enhanced to work with this latest version of ProSafe-RS. Thus it reduces the time required to configure and install an SIS.

Newly-introduced products of Release 4.01

N-IO I/O Unit

  • N-IO
    ProSafe-RS R4 can offer the N-IO module, which handles different signal types at each channel.
    Visit I/O page link to the N-IO

  • FieldMate Validator
    Combined with N-IO modules, FieldMate Validator allows the field devices testing and validation without having a controller and an engineering station. This software is offered as an option of FieldMate.
    Visit engineering page link to the FieldMate

  • Automation Design Suite (AD Suite)
    AD Suite offers the engineering environment integrated with CENTUM VP. Its change management function and other features improve engineering quality and efficiency throughout the plant lifecycle.
    Visit engineering page (AD Suite) link to the N-IO

10 years and thanks for the future

ProSafe-RS was released in February 2nd 2005. It can be fully integrated with CENTUM series integrated production control systems, and is certified for use in SIL3 applications. Since its release, ProSafe-RS has been implemented in more than 1,700 projects around the world.

In February 2015, Yokogawa was awarded the Japan Techno-Economics Society's President's Award.