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Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Fieldeye CCTV Solutions

Fieldeye CCTV Solutions
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This compact, high performance and explosion-proof monitoring camera exemplifies Yokogawa's commitment to constructing reliable field instruments that are able to withstand even the most severe environments.


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  • Explosion-proof certification
    Complete Fieldeye camera unit (FC13E) compiles to TIIS Exd IIB +H2 T4
  • Compact
    The Fieldeye is an amazing 75% smaller and lighter than the competition's cameras.
  • Lightweight
    The Fieldeye (FC13E) weighs in at only 18kg.
  • Unified
    No additional wiring is needed as the Fieldeye is a self-contained unit complete with pan motor, tilt motor, camera block, power supply and telemetry receiver.
  • Reliable
    The entire Fieldeye unit (cameras, motors, etc...) is constructed entirely by Yokogawa without the use of any third-party components.
  • Corrosion protected
    Housings are made from low Cu Al alloy and coated with industrial paint. Housing for harsh marine environments are double coated to withstand 2,000 hours of salt spray (5% concentration)

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