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Solar Tracking Controllers


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Optimally-designed field control device that combines proven robust measurement and control technologies.

The HXS10 combines the best of Yokogawa's measurement and control technologies. The measurement system is inherited from Yokogawa's recorders that are used in mission critical applications throughout the world; while the control engine comes from Yokogawa's highly reliable loop controllers that have been proven and refined for over 30 years.

Solar Tracking Controllers HXS10

  • Built-in Solar Position Algorithm
    • Sunrise, Sunset, and Solar Culmination time calculation functions available
    • Open loop/closed loop hybrid control available
  • Excellent Environmental Performance
    • Operable even in a fanless box in the field
    • Low power consumption (5 W or less) at a wide range of operating temperatures (-20 to 70°C)
  • User Programs Meet a Wide Range of Requirements
    • A wealth of arithmetic functions (trigonometric functions, PID, comparison, alarm, filter, etc.)
    • Ability to create user algorithms
  • Hardware Design Enables Optimization
    • Customized hardware configuration to avoid unnecessary input, output and communication port costs.
  • High Quality and Reliable Support
    • High quality controllers with advanced diagnostics backed by Yokogawa's global support team ensure reliable operation.
Solar Tracking Controllers HXS10