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Application Notes

Metals & Mining

Metals & Mining Application Notes Index

Integration of Real-time Utility Monitoring with a DCS
The discharge of improperly treated industrial chemicals and fuel gas can have a major impact on the environment, posing a serious threat to public health. Concurrent with the global growth of manufacturing operations to keep pace with market trends, many countries are taking measures to deal with environmental problems.
Control of Carbon Potential in Carbonizing Furnaces
With its carbon potential (CP) value calculation function, the CX1000/CX2000 can be applied to a wide variety of applications involving atmospheric gas carburization, and offers a simple, high costperformance solution for improving quality and efficiency.
Measurement in Cogeneration and Captive Power Boiler
Steam is still one of the most popular methods of providing an energy source to a process and its associated operations. The more accurate and reliable measurements that are made, the more informed decisions can be taken that affect costs and product quality.