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CSU becomes the de facto standards for live cell imaging
Your microscope can be easily upgraded to confocal microscope with Confocal Scanner Unit. The multi-beam scanning method offers not only high-speed imaging but also significantly reduced photo-toxicity and photo bleaching because of very reduced laser power of each beamlet. The CSU series have been already delivered more than 2,000 units and supported leading-edge research around the world.
High speed imaging and minimal photo-toxicity and photo bleaching
Highly flexible system expandability


Confocal Quantitative Image Cytometer : CQ1

Label-free Morphological Analysis Software : CellActivision

Cofocal Scanner Unit : CSU-W1

All-in-one Live Cell Imaging Solution : CV1000

Cofocal Scanner Unit : CSU-X1

High-throughput Cytological Discovery System : CV7000S

News & Topics
October 01, 2015 Sales release : Label-free Morphological Analysis Software CellActivision
June 02, 2015 Exhibition: CYTO 2015
February 20, 2015 Webinar on March 11th : CQ1 and FCS express5
Image Cytometry Techniques for Cell Cycle Analysis via the CQ1 Imaging Cytometer
March 11, 2015 10 AM Pacific Time
Advancements in imaging techniques and software have made it possible to perform cell cycle analysis while utilizing multiple color channels to monitor additional markers. The combination of the CQ1 Image Cytometer and the powerful Multicycle mathematical modeling component of FCS Express Image Cytometry allows you to remove the debris component and de-convolute the multiple peaks in DNA analysis histograms for more accurate results. Join this webinar to learn more about imaging for cell cycle monitoring and downstream analysis of data in FCS Express.
November 1, 2014 De Novo Software and Yokogawa have collaborated to make the import of results and images from the CQ1 high content systems possible. FCS Express is directly compatible with data exported from the CQ1 software through the .ICE file format. The collaboration is an ongoing process and capabilities are continuously growing. Learn more about how the CQ1 integrates with FCS Express with the CQ1 Confocal Quantitative Image Cytometer Flyer. Please contact us if you have questions about using De Novo Software with Yokogawa CQ1 multi-parametric or Imaging data.
February 27, 2014 Press release : Confocal Quantitative Image Cytometer CQ1
December 25, 2012 Discontinuation of Support for the Confocal Scanner Unit : CSU21 and CSU22
October 1, 2012 LCA report(CSU-X1) released
August 16, 2012 Yokogawa Concludes Exclusive Agreement with Olympus America, Inc for Sale of CellVoyager CV1000 All-in-one Confocal Microscopy System in North America
May 23, 2012 Press release : New model CSU-W1
October 05, 2011 New model CellVoyager CV7000 released
August 01, 2011 End of Order Acceptance of the Confocal Scanner Unit: CSU10
May 24, 2011 We will cosponsor the Historical Session in memory of the birth of spinning disk confocal technology at the "11th International ELMI Meeting on Advanced Microscopy", being held on 6/7-6/10 at Alexandroupolis, Greece
This Session will be held on 6/7 evening, sponsored by Yokogawa and Andor Technology.
The main inventor of the Yokogawa CSU technology, Dr. Takeo Tanaami will give a talk on the history of Yokogawa CS.

After Dinner session:
"History of Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy"
Laureates:Mojmír Petráň & Milan Hadravský, Plzeň, CZ
Speakers:Tony Wilson, University of Oxford, UK
Milan Hadravský, Plzeň, CZ :
'How the spinning disc confocal microscope was born'
Tanaami Takeo, Yokogawa, Tokyo, JP :
'Brief history of Yokogawa dual spinning disk confocal scanner'
October 01, 2010 New model CellVoyager CV1000 released
March 27, 2009 For the first time, transfer of HIV from an infected T-cell to an uninfected one was successfully imaged in real-time with a CSU10 system.
January 01, 2009 End of Order Acceptance of the Confocal Scanner Unit: CSU21 and CSU22
October 01, 2008 Discontinuation of the Confocal Scanner Unit: CSU21 and CSU22
September 03, 2007 New model CSU-X1 released
October 06, 2006 English website opened