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Worldwide Locations

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Success Stories

Pulp & Paper


PT. Tanjung Enim Lestari Pulp and Paper, Indonesia

  • PT. Tanjung Enim Lestari Pulp and Paper, Indonesia
    CENTUM VP, Exaquantum

    - Careful attention was paid to the conversion of the all existing database from CENTUM CS to CENTUM VP.

    - This is closed loop sustainable production, and CENTUM VP optimally controls every step of the process to maximize efficiency, yield, and product quality.

Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation, Taiwan

  • Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation, Taiwan
    Quality Control System (QCS) B/M9000 CS

    - Yokogawa installed a B/M9000CS quality control system with various cross direction profile control functions.

    - The installation improves product quality and efficiency at pulp & paper mill.


  • CENIBRA, Brazil
    Exaquantum Plant Information Management System

    - Exaquantum Achieves $2 Million in Annual Savings for CENIBRA Pulp & Paper Plant.

    - Following an upgrade to the CENTUM CS 3000 Production Control System, leading pulp and paper supplier CENIBRA saw the potential for further savings and efficiencies through tighter control of the production process.

Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation, USA

Chuetsu Pulp & Paper, Japan

  • Chuetsu Pulp & Paper, Japan
    Sendai Facility
    Control System

    - Integration of previously independent water usage functions into automatic control system

    - Reduced operators' workload and environmental impact