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Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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Products & Solutions

Industrial Automation & Control

At Yokogawa, innovativeness and the desire to be a trusted partner are driving the solutions that exceed clients' expectations.

Test and Measurement

Yokogawa provides its customers the product development and production test solutions that are absolutely essential to remaining competitive in today's business world.

Test and Measurement
Recorders & Data Acquisition Equipment
Test & Measurement Instruments [Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation]
Portable Test Instruments [Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation]

Services and Other Businesses

Yokogawa is putting its rich industry experience and know-how to work by helping companies in a variety of fields achieve their business objectives.

Services and Other Businesses
Confocal Scanner Unit
High-Content Analysis
Magnetoencephalograph (MEG) Systems
Services Business
Marine Instruments (Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd.)

Product Finder

Featured Products

Production and Operation Management
Production Management
Operation Management
Alarm Management
Asset Management
Field Digital Solutions
System Migration
Production and Safety Control
Production Control Systems (DCS)
Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
RTU/Hybrid PLC
Supervisory Systems / SCADA
IT Machine Controllers (PLC/PAC)
Thickness Gauge
Field Wireless
Controllers, Recorders, & Data Acquisition
A to Z list
Paperless Recorders
Data Acquisition
Strip Chart Recorders
Wireless Transmitters
Controllers & Indicators
Signal Conditioners
Power Monitors
Surge Arresters
Network Converters
Field (Industrial) Instruments
Environmental & Analytical Products
Liquid Analyzers
pH/ORP Analyzers
Conductivity Analyzers
Near Infrared Analyzers
Turbidity Analyzers
Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers
Chlorine Analyzers
Liquid Density Analyzers
MLSS Analyzers
Gas Analyzers
Tunable Diode Laser Analyzers
Oxygen Analyzers
Process Gas Chromatographs
Infrared Gas Analyzers
Gas Density Analyzers
Clean Room Gas Monitors
Dust Monitors
Stack Gas Analyzers
Optical Fiber Sensing
CCTV Solutions
Recorders & Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition
Strip Chart Recorders
Paperless Recorders
Test & Measurement Instruments
Power Analyzers
Data Acquisition
Optical Measuring
Generators, Sources
Datacomm Measuring
Other T&M
Portable Test Instruments
Data Loggers
Digital Multimeters
Insulation Testers
Clamp-on Power Meters
Clamp-on Testers
Precision Measuring Instruments
Environmental Measuring instruments
Motion Control
Direct Drive Motors
Confocal Scanner Unit
High-Content Analysis
MEG Systems
Service Business
Engineering Solution
Navigation Business